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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Sundial Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Sundial quest

Pursuing the main Expansion Questline in Disney Dreamlight Valley will soon bring players to meet with Rapunzel in the Wild Tangle biome. Upon meeting with Rapunzel, players will get to initiate her starting quests which are essential for both progressing ahead in the expansion storyline and unlocking Rapunzel as a villager. The second quest for Rapunzel is The Sundial requiring players to get all the pieces of Floating Sundial Gears to reach the Statue of Time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Sundial Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Sundial Quest

The Sundial Quest starts right after completing the Ancient Door quest for Rapunzel. Upon starting the quest, pick up the Sun Core on the platform near the Sundial and place it inside the Sundial. Talk to Rapunzel and then go out to search for 10 Floating Sundial Gears scattered around the Eternity Isle. The Floating Sundial Gears are located in the following areas.

  • 3x in The Grasslands (Wild Tangle)
  • 1x on the Bridge (Ancient’s Landing)
  • 2x in The Plains (Glittering Dunes)
  • 1x in The Courtyard (Ancient’s Landing)
  • 3x in The Docks (Ancient’s Landing)

Some gears are placed randomly while some are floating for which you have to use the glide to catch them.

Once you have gathered all 10 gears, return to Rapunzel and talk to her. Investigate the sundial in the middle to reveal a bridge to the Statue of Time. Go to the statue and clear the swirling rocks in front of it. Pick up the memory under a tree and talk to Rapunzel to complete the quest.

After talking to Rapunzel, the final quest starts ‘The Tower’ allowing you to continue and finish her questline.

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