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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Sunken Ruins Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Sunken Ruins Quest

Act II: The Spark of Imagination is in play for the A Rift in Time Expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The latest update of Disney Dreamlight Valley will allow the expansion owners to continue the mysterious story with the starting quest named The Sunken Ruins.

This guide will walk you through the Sunken Ruins Quest for Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the Sunken Ruins Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Starting the Quest

As mentioned above, The Sunken Ruins quest is exclusive to the A Rift in Time Expansion and if you have updated your game to the latest update, it will automatically add the quest to the Quests’ Menu.

However, if you try to speak to Merlin at the start, he will be busy and ask you to come later. Wait for some time until the quest updates by itself and you will be able to meet Merlin at his Library.

Speak to Merlin at his Library

Go and see Merlin at his Library once the quest is updated. Speak to Merlin and he will tell you about the ancient civilization that used to live in the Valley. Go through the dialogues and he will tell you to find the Flickers around the Valley, Eternity Isle, and the Realms at the Castle.

Find the Flickers Using the Royal Hourglass

You need to find the Flickers in three different locations including the Realms at the Castle, the Plaza biome of the Valley, and The Docks area in Eternity Isle.

Flickers at WALL-E Realm

The quest will guide you to find the flickers at Moana, Ratatouille, or WALL-E Realms. We went to the WALL-E Realm and found all three Flickers there using the Royal Hourglass tool. Simply go to WALL-E Realm and start using the Hourglass tool to open the rift to pull out the flickers.

If somehow you don’t find all three Flickers at WALL-E Realm, go to Moana and Ratatouille Realms to find the rest.

Flickers at the Plaza Biome

After getting the Flickers from the realms, make your way to the Plaza biome in the Valley. Here, you need to find four Flickers in total and you need to look around all over the Plaza. Don’t just explore the Well in the Plaza but go to every corner to find every rift to get the Flickers.

Flickers at The Docks area

Once you have got all four Flickers from the Plaza, go to The Docks area of Ancient’s Landing biome in Eternity Isle to find the last four remaining Flickers. Now, we found all four Flickers in the upper area of the Docks where the Wishing Well is so just use the Hourglass to find every rift in the upper area to get the Flickers.

Enter the Ancient Ruins

After gathering all the Flickers, go to Merlin to hand him over the Flickers. Merlin will then go to the entrance of the Ancient Ruins located on the west side of the Docks area. Follow Merlin and speak to him to initiate a cutscene in which you will create a path to the Ancient Ruins.

Enter the Ancient Ruins and speak with Merlin. Merlin will tell you about the things that he noticed in each chamber of Ancient Ruins. Here, you need to take pictures of each item Merlin mentioned in the respective chamber.

  • Pedestal in the West Chamber
  • Ancient Computer Terminal in the North Chamber
  • Set of Musical Notes in the East Chamber

Upon taking picture of everything, go back to Merlin and speak with him. Go through the dialogues to conclude the quest.


Completing The Sunken Ruins quest will reward players with 1,000 Friendship Points.

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