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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Daisy Duck



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Unlock Daisy Duck

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new free content update, Thrills & Frills is live right now including a new character named Daisy Duck for players to welcome to the Valley. Similar to the other villagers in the Valley, players will be able to increase their Friendship Level with her and pursue her questline.

This guide will help you how to unlock Daisy Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock Daisy Duck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Upon updating your game to the latest content update, Thrills & Frills, it will start the “You Have Mail!” quest which is a story quest for unlocking Daisy Duck. However, you don’t have to complete the entire quest to unlock Daisy as she can be welcomed fairly early in the quest.

Once the quest is initiated, go and speak to Mickey Mouse. He will tell you that he and Minnie received a letter from Daisy earlier this day and that she is returning to the Valley. However, he needs you to place down Daisy’s House somewhere in the Valley. At the end of the conversation, he will give you the foundation of Daisy’s House.

Now, go into the Furniture Menu and select the Requests Tab to find Daisy’s House and place it down. Go over to the foundation and interact with Scrooge’s Sign to pay 20,000 Star Coins to build Daisy’s House.

Once you have built Daisy’s House, an animation of her coming to the Valley will be played and you will get to welcome her which will unlock Daisy Duck. Take a picture with Daisy and then speak with her to continue the quest.

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