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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the You Have Mail Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the You Have Mail Quest

The new free content update of Disney Dreamlight Valley will allow players to welcome Daisy to the Valley and grow their Friendship Level with her to pursue her friendship quests. However, beginning this new journey will first require players to complete the You Have Mail quest for Mickey Mouse.

This guide will walk you through the You Have Mail Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete the You Have Mail Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Starting the Quest

Upon loading your Dreamlight Valley world after updating it to the Thrills & Frills update, it will automatically add the You Have Mail quest to the quests menu. Go ahead and make it an active quest to start following it.

Welcome Daisy to the Valley

Go and speak to Mickey Mouse. He will tell you that he and Minnie received a letter from Daisy earlier this day and that she is returning to the Valley. However, he needs you to place down Daisy’s House somewhere in the Valley. At the end of the conversation, he will give you the foundation of Daisy’s House.

Now, go into the Furniture Menu and select the Requests Tab to find Daisy’s House and place it down. Go over to the foundation and interact with Scrooge’s Sign to pay 20,000 Star Coins to build Daisy’s House.

Once you have built Daisy’s House, an animation of her coming to the Valley will be played and you will get to welcome her. Take a picture with Daisy and then speak with her to continue the quest.

Craft the Wonderland Amplification Elixir

Go to Daisy’s House and speak with her to learn about the Boutique and she will ask for your help to resize it using an elixir. Gather the following materials for the Wonderland Amplification Elixir.

  • 3x Dream Shard – Obtained by removing Night Thorns, feeding critters their favorite food, and digging shiny spots on the ground.
  • 5x Carrot – Can be purchased from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow for 66 Star Coins each.
  • 3x Topaz – Obtained from mining the nodes in the Plaza.
  • 3x White Daisy – Found in the Peaceful Meadow biome.

Upon gathering all the required materials, go to any Crafting Station to craft the Wonderland Amplification Elixir. The recipe for it is located under the Potion & Enhancements tab.

Place the Boutique in the Valley

After crafting the elixir, open your inventory and use it. Now, go to Daisy’s House and use the Royal Watering Can tool to water the Mini Boutique. Pick up the Mini Boutique and leave Daisy’s House. It’s time to place the Boutique in the Valley. Open the Furniture Menu, go into the Requests section to find Boutique, and place it anywhere in the valley.

Once you have placed down Boutique in the Valley, go inside it and speak with Daisy. She will tell you to decorate one of the mannequins with your design. Go to any mannequin and interact with it to start decorating it. Select any clothing items from your wardrobe to put on the mannequin.

Complete the Boutique Challenge

Speak with Daisy after decorating your first mannequin at the Boutique and she will give you the first Boutique challenge. The challenge requires designing something that uses Shoes, Seating, Casual, Black, Simple, and Calm. Now, you only need to design the mannequins that are on the stage, and since the challenge requires seating, place the matching furniture items on the stage as well.

You can follow these simple steps to complete the challenge.

  • Open the Furniture Menu and select the All tab.
  • Select the Filters on the top right corner of the menu and select the Black color, Simple and Calm Trait, and Casual Style.
  • Go back to find a black seating furniture item and then place it on the stage.
  • Now, for the clothing, open the Wardrobe Menu and head into the Filters.
  • Select the Black color, Simple and Calm Trait, and Casual Style.
  • Go back to find the clothing items according to the requirements and put them on.
  • Lastly, go and interact with the mannequins on the stage to design them with the equipped outfit.

It should check-mark all the Requirements for the Boutique Challenge. Now, go and speak with Daisy and select the “Did I complete the challenge?” option. If everything is according to the requirements, she will tell you that you have completed the challenge and reward you with 100 Daisy Coins.

After getting your reward for completing the Boutique Challenge, speak with her again to conclude the quest.


Completing the You Have Mail quest for Mickey Mouse will reward players with 500 Friendship Points for Daisy.

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