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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Complete WALL-E Loves Flower (Easter Event Quest)



WALL-E Loves Flower Quest

WALL-E Loves Flowers is one of the special quests of the new Spring Easter Event in Disney Dreamlight Valley that players can complete during the event. The Event will last until the end of April and one of the early quests that players can solve is WALL-E Loves Flowers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete WALL-E Loves Flower in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Completing WALL-E Loves Flowers

In order to complete this quest, make sure you have the WALL-E character unlocked in your village. You cannot do this quest WALL-E so, make sure you have WALL-E unlocked and after that, you just have to pick up 50 Flowers while hanging out with him. To hang out with WALL-E, approach WALL-E and talk to him. Select the option “Let’s Hangout” and then you need to go through the biomes and pick up any 50 flowers.

Going through all of the biomes will take some time so, if you have picked up flowers in the past, drop them on the floor and start picking them up again and it will still count in the quest.

Pick Flowers with WALL-E


Once you have picked up 50 flowers, the quest will be completed. Go into the Village tab to see the completed quest and when you retrieve the reward, you will get “Decorative Tulip Bouquet”.

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