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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get All Easter Event Eggs



All Easter Event Eggs

The new Easter Event is live right now in Disney Dreamlight Valley and it will stay until the end of April. There are various new items in the Easter Event but the most important items are the Eggs. There are three different colors of Eggs that players will be able to get during the Easter Event. However, getting each type of Egg takes a different approach.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get All Easter Event Eggs in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All Eggs in Easter Event

There are three different colors of Eggs in the Easter Event, Blue, Red, and Yellow. All of them have their unique name in the game and they all will take a different approach to get. The types of Eggs that you will get during the Easter Event are the following.

  1. Wild Spring Egg
  2. Egg-cellent Fruit
  3. Spring V-EGG-etable

Now, we will discuss how you can get all three types of Easter Event Eggs.

1.    Wild Spring Egg

The Wild Spring Egg is a Blue Egg that players can find on the ground in all of the biomes. This Egg will appear when the Spring Easter Event has started in your region. If you go out in the village, you will see several numbers of Wild Spring Eggs in all of the biomes. Simply approach them to pick them up.

Wild Spring Egg

2.    Egg-cellent Fruit

The Egg-cellent Fruit is a Red Egg that players will find on an Egg Bush. When the Spring Easter Event starts in your region, you will see a couple of Egg Bushes in all of the biomes. You need to approach the bushes and interact with them to get 3 Egg-cellent Fruits at a time.

Egg-cellent Fruit

3.    Spring V-EGG-etable

The Spring V-EGG-etable is a Yellow Egg that can only be obtained by growing it. You will have to craft the V-EGG-etable Seed at the Crafting station by using the following materials.

  • 1x Wild Spring Egg
  • 1x Egg-cellent Fruit
  • 20 Dreamlight

The recipe for V-EGG-etable seed will be in the Refined Material tab of the crafting station and once you have all the required materials, craft the seed. Once you have the seed, you need to plant the seed in any biome. There is no special biome required for this seed so, you can plant it anywhere.

After planting the seed, you will have to water it two times at least because it will take around 45 minutes to grow this seed. Once the seed is grown, you will see Egg grown on a plant. Now, harvest the plant to get the Spring V-EGG-etable.

Spring V-EGG-etable

All of the Easter Event Eggs will be used in the crafting of Spring Easter Event items. You will be able to craft Easter Furniture with these eggs and then renovate your world with your desiring style.

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