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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Cook Large Seafood Platter



Large Seafood Platter

Large Seafood Platter is one of the 5-Star Meals in the game. Players can make this Meal for themselves to restore a high amount of Energy or they can make it to gift it to any other character in the Valley. It was added in the previous update of the game but a lot of players have missed this recipe and if you are playing the new April update of the game, you will have to make this meal for one of Simba’s quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to cook large Seafood Platter in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Required Ingredients for Large Seafood Platter

As the Large Seafood Platter is a 5-Star Meal, you will have to get 5 different ingredients for it. However, in making of this meal, you only need two types of ingredients. You need to add any seafood and a lemon to make this meal. In order to understand it easily, here are the following ingredients to make Large Seafood Platter.

  • 4x Seafood (Shrimp, Lobster, and Squid)
  • 1x Lemon

The easiest Seafood to get in the game is Shrimp. You can find a lot of Shrimps on the Dazzle Beach. Just walk on the beach and you will find many Shrimps. If you want to get Lobsters, then you will have to catch them in the Glade of Trust Biome. If you want to get Squids, then you will have to catch them either in the Glade of Trust biome or the Forgotten Lands biome.

In order to get the Lemon, you can harvest it from the plants in the Forest of Valor biome and the Glade of Trust biome.

Cooking Large Seafood Platter

Once you have obtained all of the required ingredients, go to any Cooking Station and access it. Add the ingredients manually by dragging and dropping into the Cooking Pot or go into the Recipes and select the Large Seafood Platter Recipe. After that, select the Autofill function to add all of the ingredients and then click on “Start Cooking” option to cook large Seafood Platter. It will consume 1 Coal Ore for cooking the cake.

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