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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft Items



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft Items

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a lot of things to do, and crafting is one of them. Players will be able to craft different types of useful items. But to craft the items, you’d have to complete a quest from which you can unlock the crafting table and then use it whenever you like.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft items in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Craft Items

Crafting Table can be unlocked by completing a quest named “Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Reopening” from Scrooge McDuck. Scrooge has a shop in Plaza and he’ll ask for your help to run his business in the valley. In the quest, he’ll ask you to craft the signs for Scrooge’s store using the crafting station. The signs will be crafted with woods and you can find woods under the trees in the meadows or in different areas.

In order to make 1 sign, you’ll need 3 softwoods. Pick up the woods that you can find under the trees then go back to Scrooge’s store and use the crafting table on the right side of the counter. Go to Furniture and you’ll see the sign recipe there. Click the sign and then select the quantity to make and then just click on the Make button to craft the signs for scrooge McDuck’s store.

After the quest, he’ll allow you to use the crafting table whenever you like. In the crafting station, you can craft items from the following categories.

  • Refined Materials
  • Functional Items
  • Potion & Enchantment
  • Furniture
  • Fence & Paving
Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft Items

You’d need to find the recipes of the items and you can do that by making progress in the game and completing quests. Once you have a recipe, it will be shown in the specific category and it’ll show you the required resources for it to be crafted.

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