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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Craft Potion of Growth



Potion of Growth

The Potion of Growth is an exclusive item that players will get to craft only during the Friendship Quest of Simba. When players have leveled up Simba to Friendship Level 7, they will unlock his 4th quest named “Seed of Memories”. During this quest, players will have to make the Potion of Growth in order to get the Dreamlight Tree Seed.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft Potion of Growth in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Materials Required for Potion of Growth

To craft the Potion of Growth, players will have to gather the following materials.

  • 3x Dream Shard
  • 6x Blueberry
  • 1x Empty Vial

Dream Shard can be obtained by feeding the critters their favorite meals, clearing Night Thorns, and completing the quests. Blueberries can be harvested from the Dazzle Beach Biome and Forest of Valor Biome. You only need to harvest two bushes to get 6 Blueberries. An Empty Vial is a Refined Material that can only be crafted with Glass. Glass is also a Refined Material that is crafted with Sand and Coal Ore. You will have to get 15x Sand and 3x Coal Ore to craft 3x Glass and then use the Glass to craft an Empty Vial.

Crafting Potion of Growth

Once you have all of the required materials, go to any crafting station and access it. Go into the Potion & Enchantment Tab and select the Potion of Growth recipe. Now, select the “Make” option to craft the Potion of Growth. After crafting it, it will be stored in your inventory.  

Craft Potion of Growth

After that, you will be able to progress in the quest of Simba.

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