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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Complete WALL-E Daily & Weekly Easter Event Quests




As the Spring Easter Event has started in Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a lot of things to do during the event. You will get to collect different Easter Event Eggs, complete Village quests of Easter Event, and you can also complete WALL-E Daily & Weekly quests of Easter Event. These quests are not shown in the Quests Tab of the menu but if you talk with WALL-E during the Spring Easter Event, you will see the quests.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete WALL-E Daily & Weekly Easter Event Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

WALL-E’s Daily & Weekly Spring Easter Event Quests

Players can complete WALL-E’s Daily Spring Easter Event Quest on each day from 8th April 2023 to 29th April 2023. The Weekly quest can only be done once a week until 29th April 2023. To start the Daily or Weekly quest, you will have to talk to WALL-E and you will get the option to select between the two quests. The Daily Quest is named “Blooming & Blossoming” and the Weekly Quest is named “Bunnies on the Run”. Completing each of the quests will reward you with a certain number of Easter Event Eggs which are required for the Spring Easter Event quests.

Completing Blooming & Blossoming Daily Quest

In the Blooming & Blossoming Daily quest, you will be required to make a “Pretty Flower Basket” for WALL-E of different flowers each day. You will have to pick up three different types of flowers each day and then craft them into a Pretty Flower Basket. However, you will have to get Fiber each day, make sure that you have enough seaweed in your storage so that you can craft the basket with the flowers each day until April 29th.

To see what flowers you need to get, you can go to the Crafting Station and look at what flowers are needed to make the basket. Once you have the materials, craft the Basket and give it to WALL-E. It will conclude the Daily Quest and you will be rewarded with the following Easter Event Eggs.

  • 5x Wild Spring Eggs
  • 5x Egg-cellent Fruit
  • 1x Spring V-Egg-etable

Completing Bunnies on the Run Weekly Quest

In the Bunnies on the Run Weekly Quest, you will have to catch 5 Easter Bunnies running in the Plaza. After accepting the quest, you will see the bunnies in the Plaza and you just have to catch them by interacting with them. They can be in different spots so look for the bunnies and go near them to catch them. Once you have caught all 5 Easter Bunnies, you will have to give the Runaway Bunnies to WALL-E.

Go to WALL-E and give him all the caught bunnies and it will conclude the Weekly Quest. For completing the Weekly Easter Event Quest, you will get the following number of Easter Event Eggs.

  • 20x Wild Spring Eggs
  • 20x Egg-cellent Fruit
  • 5x Spring V-Egg-etable

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