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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Solve Mysterious Orange Potato Quest



Orange Potato

As players have been solving the mysterious quests for the mysterious potatoes in the game. There are a total of four Mysterious Potatoes in the game, Golden Potato, Red Potato, Blue Potato, and Orange Potato. All of them have their own Mysterious quests and Orange Potato is no different from the others. After players have obtained the Orange Potato, they can turn it into the Orange Potion by solving its small quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Mysterious Orange Potato Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Solving Mysterious Orange Potato Quest

The Orange Potato quest is easier than all of the other Potatoes quests. You will not have to go anywhere after getting the Orange Potato. You can turn the Orange Potato into the Orange Potion by simply crafting it. In order to make the Orange Potion, you only need an Empty Vial. To make the Empty Vial, you will be needing 3x Glass. Now, glass is a Refined Material so, you will have to make the glass as well. To make the glass, get the following materials.

  • 5x Sand
  • 1x Coal Ore

To make 3x Glass, you will have to get 15x Sand and 3x Coal Ore. Sand can be obtained from Dazzle Beach. Coal Ores are obtained by mining the Black Rocks in all of the biomes. Once you have the materials, craft the Glass and then use it to craft an Empty Vial. After that, you need to go to Functional Items Tab and scroll down to find Orange Potion.

Select the Potion and then choose the “Make” option to craft the “Electrifying Orange Potion”. It will store in your inventory and there you have it. The Mysterious quest of Orange Potato is solved.

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