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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft Sunbird Feeder



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Completing your last friendship quest with Scar will require you to craft a couple of Sunbird Feeders and place them in the Sunlit Plateau. Scar wants to be happy in the Sunlit Plateau and Merlin will suggest you place a couple of Sunbird Feeders which will also help his mood of Scar.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft Sunbird Feeder in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Crafting Sunbird Feeder

A Sunbird Feeder is used to hold the flowers that are eaten by the Sunbirds. The Sunbirds are only in the Sunlit Plateau biome and you can find them flying in the area. There are different colors of Sunbirds and they all eat flowers. Although, they do have some specific flowers which are their favorite, and in the crafting of Sunbird Feeders, we’ll be using those flowers. The resources that you need to get for a couple of Sunbird Feeders are the following.

  • 40x Softwood
  • 10x Dark Wood
  • 20x Cotton
  • 6x Red Bromeliad
  • 6x Pink Houseleek

Softwoods are the regular woods that you’ll find under the trees in almost all the biomes. Whereas, the Dark Woods can only be found in the Forgotten Lands. Dark Wood is relatively darker than the Soft Wood and Hard Wood so, you’ll easily recognize these woods and grab them from under the trees in the Forgotten Lands biome. Cotton can be harvested from the Sunlit Plateau or you can also buy the seeds of Cotton from Goofy’s Stall in the Sunlit Plateau biome but the seeds will take around 30 – 50 minutes to fully grow so you’ll have to wait for the Cotton to fully grow.

The Flowers that we need, all are grown in the Sunlit Plateau biome, you need to look for the red flowers and the pink flowers in the area. After collecting the flowers, all of the resources will be gathered and it’ll be time for you to finally craft the Sunbird Feeders. Go to any Crafting Station and craft 2 Sunbird Feeders.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft Sunbird Feeder

After that, the quest will require you to place the Sunbird Feeders near the pond in the Sunlit Plateau for the sunbirds. You can do that by opening the building mode and placing the Sunbird Feeders around the pond.

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