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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Craft & Use the Ancient Vacuum



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Ancient Vacuum

An Ancient Vacuum is an advanced foraging machine introduced with the A Rift in Time expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley which can automatically forage various item types from an area/biome without requiring any assistance from the players. It is one of the best entries in the game as it saves a lot of time in finding the spawn of items and collecting them for players.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to craft and use the Ancient Vacuum in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Unlock and Craft the Ancient Vacuum in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Ancient Vacuum is one of the Ancient Machines exclusive to the expansion meaning players will have to get the A Rift in Time DLC to unlock and craft it. There are three different Levels of the Ancient Vacuum and each one of them unlocks by upgrading the Level of the Hourglass Tool. The Hourglass Tool also has 3 Levels and each level will cost Mist, an exclusive currency in the expansion.

Upgrading the Hourglass Levels will unlock the following levels of the Ancient Vacuum’s crafting recipe.

  • Hourglass Level 1 (5,000 Mist) – Unlocks recipe for Basic Ancient Vacuum (Level 1)
  • Hourglass Level 2 (10,000 Mist) – Unlocks recipe for Regular Ancient Vacuum (Level 2)
  • Hourglass Level 3 (15,000 Mist) – Unlocks recipe for Advanced Ancient Vacuum (Level 3)

The recipes for the Ancient Vacuum are found under the Ancient Machines section of the Timebending Table. It is the same table that you use for upgradation of the Hourglass so navigate to the ‘Ancient Machines’ to find the recipes.

Each recipe will cost a certain amount of Mist along with the Ancient Crafting Materials that can only be found using the Hourglass and the previous level of Ancient Vacuum while crafting a higher-level Ancient Vacuum. The main crafting materials required for each Ancient Vacuum are the following.

Upon having all the required materials, go to the Timebending Table and select the recipe from the Ancient Machines section to craft it.

How to Use the Ancient Vacuum in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After crafting the Ancient Vacuum, you will be able to find it in the Utilities category of the Furniture tab. Place down the Ancient Vacuum and interact with it to open the Vacuum menu. It will show you all the detected items in an area/biome. However, the types of items that are detected are based on the Level of Ancient Vacuum. 

Each detected item will cost 10 Mist to collect and you can set the number of items that you need to collect up to your requirement or all by selecting the ‘Select All’ option.

  • Basic Ancient Vacuum – Can detect Night Thorns and Splinters of Fate.
  • Regular Ancient Vacuum – Can detect Night Thorns, Splinters of Fate, Rocks, and Wood.
  • Advanced Ancient Vacuum – Can detect Night Thorns, Splinters of Fate, Rocks, Wood, Fruits, Crops, and Flowers.

The Advanced Ancient Vacuum is the best version of this machine as it detects all the item types in an area/biome which saves a lot of time for a player to forage each item on their own. Despite the level of Ancient Vacuum, each one will cost 10 Mist per item but it is best to upgrade it to the Advanced level and place one in every biome so that you don’t have to ever search for the items again in a biome.

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