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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Earn Mist



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Mist

Mist is a new currency added with the new A Rift in Time DLC of Disney Dreamlight Valley. The premise of Mist is similar to Dreamlight currency which is used for unlocking new biomes and areas to expand the exploration limits. However, it is only limited to the Eternity Isle world and since the whole DLC takes place in Eternity Isle players will have to earn Mist rapidly to both unlock new biomes and progress in the main story.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to earn Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Earn Mist in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Mist can be earned by three different methods in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The base method for earning Mist is completing the duties under the Mist Duties and Eternity Isle categories. Both of these categories hold up to 6 duties each at a time and reward you with anywhere from 150 – 500 Mist on completion of the duty. It is similar to the Dreamlight Duties and a great way to earn Mist at an early stage of the Expansion.

For the next two methods, you will first have to unlock the Royal Hourglass tool by completing the ‘Flying Metal Nuisance’ quest for Jafar. Once you have unlocked the Royal Hourglass, you will be able to remove the Swirling Sands scattered around all of Eternity Isle. Removing each Swirling Sand will drop a random amount of Mist. Small Swirling Sands drop a low amount of Mist whereas, the large Swirling Sands drop a higher amount of Mist.

Additionally, you can use the Hourglass to find the hidden treasures that are lost in time. If you press the Spacebar key, a circular pattern will show you the direction of hidden treasure in the area. Follow the directions and then press the spacebar again to open a Rift and repeatedly press the E button to pull out the treasure. The treasure can be recipes for new decorative items, crafting materials, or 250 – 350 Mist.

Finding the Mist in the Rifts is the fastest way to earn Mist but every area has a certain number of hidden treasures and you will have to wait for that area’s hidden treasures to reset to continue the grind.

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