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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed Capybara & Its Favorite Food



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Feed Capybara

Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Rift in Time DLC has a brand-new world with three new biomes for players to unravel and explore their various areas. These new biomes hold several new items, ingredients, and crafting materials for players to gather as well as meet new critters that they can feed and befriend. One of the first new critters that players will find is Capybara as they reach the Eternity Isle.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to feed Capybaras and their favorite food in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Feed Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Capybaras are the friendliest critters than all the new critters as they don’t require any significant method to approach them. They accept the food offering simply by approaching them and they don’t run away. It is the same behavior as the Squirrels which are found in the Plaza, the first biome of Dreamlight Valley.

You can find the Capybaras in the Wild Tangle biome, the second/third biome of Eternity Isle. As you reach the Eternity Isle, you will start at the Docks area and you have to complete a few main story quests to fix the bridge to open up the path to Wild Tangle and Glittering Dunes biomes. Wild Tangle is located on the east side of Eternity Isle where you will find various kinds of Capybara.

To feed a Capybara, you need to find one in one of the areas of Wild Tangle and go near it to approach it by pressing the E button. After that, select a food item from your inventory to feed them. However, if you want to befriend the Capybara, you need to feed its favorite food.

Favorite Food of Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The favorite food of Capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley is Cabbage which can be bought from Goofy’s Stall in the Wild Tangle biome for 150 Star Coins. You will have to grow the Cabbage which will take 1 hour and if you don’t have the patience for such a wait, you can also give Bamboo to Capybara that can be harvested from all over the Wild Tangle biome.  

Buy and grow Cabbages or harvest Bamboo from the areas and then store them in your inventory to feed them to a Capybara to befriend it and unlock it as a companion. All Capybara types’ favorite food is Cabbage or Bamboo, so if you find any approach it casually and feed it to befriend it.

All Capybara Types & Where to Find Them

There are 5 Capybara Types in Disney Dreamlight Valley and each can be found in a specific area of Wild Tangle biome of Eternity Isle.

  • Classic Capybara – Found in The Grasslands area (All Day).
  • Blue Striped Capybara – Found in The Grove area (12 AM to 12 PM)
  • Gray Spotted Capybara – Found in The Lagoon area (12 PM to 12 AM)
  • Black and White Capybara – Found in The Promenade area (Specific Days)
  • Red and White Striped Capybara – Found in The Lagoon area (Specific Days)

The Black and Red Capybara types are the hardest to find as they are not available every day. You will have to continuously come back to The Lagoon and The Promenade areas every day (real life) to get lucky finding these types of Capybaras.

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