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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get Amber



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Amber

Amber is one of the new crafting materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduced with the A Rift in Time expansion. It is an exclusive material that can only be found in Eternity Isle and used for several crafting recipes including furniture and structures. These furniture and structure items can both be used for decorative purposes as well as to help out villagers in their quests.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get Amber in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Amber in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Amber is obtained by digging the ground using the Royal Shovel in the Wild Tangle biome of Eternity Isle. It is the second/third biome that players will get to reach by fixing the broken bridge in the Courtyard area and progressing in the main expansion quests of A Rift in Time.

The Wild Tangle biome is located on the east side of Eternity Isle and players can find Amber in the following areas of this biome.

  • The Grasslands – Pre-unlocked
  • The Grove – Unlocks using 4,000 Mist
  • The Promenade – Unlocks using 6,000 Mist
  • The Lagoon – Unlocks using 10,000 Mist

The Grasslands is the first unlocked area that players will get to visit in the Wild Tangle biome and they can dig anywhere on the soil they like to find the Amber. Simply equip the Royal Shovel and press the RMB on the soil to dig it and obtain the Amber if lucky. Not every dig will be in your favor as Amber has a low drop rate. It is best to dig around all of the areas across the biome to have a chance of getting the maximum number of Ambers in a single run.

The selling price of Amber is 30 Star Coins but it is not recommended to sell it as it is used in various furniture and structural recipes that are required for both decoration and helping out the villagers.

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