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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get Green Passion Lily



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Green Passion Lily

Green Passion Lily is among the rarest flowers in the Dreamlight Valley and there are only a limited of them that players can get in a single time. Like the rest of the many flowers, Green Passion Lily is also used in several Story Quests for which players will have to gather them. Other than that, it can be used as a gift for other villagers, can be sold to make money, or can be placed to decorate the House.

If you are wondering where you can get the Green Passion Lily then you are at the right place as we will be telling you where you can get your hands on Green Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Green Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Green Passion Lily grows in the Frosted Heights biome. It is a snow biome located on the Northeast side of the Dreamlight Valley Map. The Frosted Heights biome is only accessible through an icy staircase in the Forest of Valor biome. The new players of Dreamlight Valley will have to unlock both of the biomes to find the Green Passion Lily flowers in the Frosted Heights biome. The Forest of Valor is one of the early game biomes and can be unlocked for 3,000 Dreamlight.

However, the Frosted Heights biome is one of the end-game biomes and it cost 10,000 Dreamlight to unlock it. Players will have to complete story and friendship missions along with Dreamlight Tasks in the Quests menu to gain Dreamlight. Once players have the required amount of Dreamlight, they will be able to unlock the Frosted Heights. After unlocking the Frosted Heights biome, players need to look for a complete Green Flower on the snow to get Green Passion Lily.

There are only 6 Green Passion Lily Flowers that spawn at a time and they will be scattered around the biome. Players will have to go around the biome to find every possible Green Passion Lily. A part of the biome will be blocked by giant icy rocks. Players will have to upgrade their Royal Pickaxe to break the icy rocks to cross to the other side. However, it can also be done by placing the well on the side by using the Build Mode and then fast traveling to the other side.

It is better to look on the other side as well because Green Passion Lily Flowers do spawn at that location as well. After foraging Green Passion Lily Flowers, they will respawn after 20 minutes so players can come back to forage them again. To get the maximum number of Green Passion Lily in a single time, it is best to bring a Forager Villager with you. The villager will drop several Green Passion Lily Flowers on the ground that players can pick up in a limited time.

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