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Jagged Alliance 3 – Jackhammer All Choices



Jagged Alliance 3 - Jackhammer all choices

Jagged Alliance 3 is a tactical Role-Playing Game in which players will get to take down an enemy force known as Legion who have taken the country’s President hostage and invaded areas of Grand Chien. Players will get to Hire various Mercs throughout the game with certain abilities that will help in liberating the areas back. Legion is a large Paramilitary that has several soldiers in a leading role in certain areas. As players get to invade in those certain areas, they will get to take down the leader. One of the leaders is Jackhammer that players can take down but there are some choices attached to it.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you all the choices of Jackhammer in Jagged Alliance 3.

Jackhammer All Choices in Jagged Alliance 3

Jackhammer is posted at the outpost known as a Good Place in L6 Sector. Before players get to him, they will have to take down several soldiers of Jackhammer. Jackhammer will be inside the main building and players can reach there by stealth method as well as eliminating all the other enemies. However, Jackhammer is a tough enemy and will not surrender until the Mercs have depleted his HP. Once Jackhammer has surrendered, players will be able to interact with him. Before going to the major choices, select the regular dialogues to pass 2 checks, Wisdom and Leadership.

Once both of the checks have been passed, it will unlock a third choice of sending him to prison. At this point, players can make a choice of what to do with him. All choices of Jackhammer are the following.

  • Time to die: Selecting this choice will kill Jackhammer which will reward players with 10 Loyalty with Port Cacao. Players can loot Kevlar Leggings and AA12 Shotgun from Jackhammer’s body.
  • Let him go: Selecting this choice will let Jackhammer live which will penalty as -10 Loyalty with Port Cacao and the Mercs will lose Morale.
  • You will go to prison: Selecting this choice will send Jackhammer to prison which will reward players with 5 Loyalty with Port Cacao, increased Morale of Mercs, and AA12 Shotgun.

If players let Jackhammer live, he will come back to the prison to attack it. Confronting Jackhammer again will allow players to either kill him or threaten him to get $10,000 for releasing him from prison.

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