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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Ice Heart



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Ice Heart

After increasing the friendship level with Merlin, you’ll get a quest named “The Final Trial” in which Merlin will fully upgrade your Watering Can. In the quest, you’ll have to craft and find a lot of resources. Some of the resources are easy to be found but one thing that would be difficult for you to find is the Ice Heart.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Ice Heart in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Ice Heart

In “The Final Trial” quest, you’ll be asked to make 5x Purified Night Crystal which can be crafted with Dream Shards and Night Shards. After that, Merlin will ask you to gather Mushrooms, Falling Water, and Ice hearts. Mushrooms and Falling Water are obtained from the Glade of Trust area. Go to the Glade of Trust Area and you’ll easily find mushrooms in the area and Falling Water near the Waterfall which is in the south direction.

When the quest starts, Merlin will give you a seed named “Ice Tear Seed”, you don’t want to waste it because this seed can only grow in a specific area. You’ll need to go to Frosted Heights. Frosted Heights cost 10,000 Dreamlight to be unlocked and you can only unlock it if you have unlocked the Forest of Valor. After unlocking the Frosted Heights biome, you’ll need to dig the whole on the frozen ground and plant the “Ice Tear Seed”.

After planting it, equip the Watering Can and water the seed, and wait for a few moments until it grows. Harvest the grown seed and when you look into your inventory, it’ll be the Ice Heart. After that, you can complete the quest by giving the resources to Merlin and he’ll upgrade your Watering Can.

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