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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Basil & Oregano



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Basil & Oregano

After meeting Merlin, Goofy, and Scrooge McDuck, you’ll have to complete their quests and increase your friendship level with them. After you’ve made your first investment of Dreamlight in unlocking the Dream Castle, you’ll meet a new character named “Mickey Mouse”. He’ll give a quest named “A Warm Welcome” in which you’ll have to find Basil & Oregano.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Basil & Oregano in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Finding Basil & Oregano

The Basic Flowers and Herbs of the game will be shown to you by completing the early quests of the game. The Plaza and Peaceful Meadows have a variety of different flowers and herbs that you can collect while free roaming or completing the quests of different characters. The quest named “A Warm Welcome” will teach you where to get the basic organic herbs in the game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Basil & Oregano

Basil & Oregano are basically the herbs that you can find in Peaceful Meadows as well as in the Plaza area. Both of them almost have the same look. They both are green which means you don’t have to look for color on the plant. Anything Green grown in the ground will be Basil or Oregano. However, to differentiate in their looks, the smaller grown herbs are Basil which has bigger leaves, and the ones that are grown higher in size are Oregano.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Basil & Oregano

Basil is mostly found in Peaceful Meadows and you can find them mostly near Goofy’s house or near the ponds. Oregano is mostly found in the Plaza near Mickey’s house or near your own house. If you don’t find them, just take a tour around the Plaza and Peaceful Meadows, you’ll find them easily. If don’t then you can pick up other flowers and go into your house for a moment and new flowers or herbs will be grown in their spots.

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