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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Curse Quest – Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Curse Quest – Walkthrough

After unlocking the Dazzle Beach and Glade of Trust areas around the village. You’ll find Mother Gothel and she’ll give you a quest named “The Curse” in which you have to help the valley by removing the curse.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete The Curse quest of Mother Gothel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Curse Quest – Walkthrough

The Curse Quest

Once you’ve got the quest from Mother Gothel, she’ll tell you to follow her to the Pillar of Trust. Then talk to her and she’ll tell you that to remove the curse, you’ll have to get the Orb of Trust by doing a spell. She’ll tell you that the Sea Witch would know how to cast the spell. After talking to her, you’ll have to find Merlin. Merlin would be on Dazzle Beach so, go to Dazzle Beach and listen to the conversation between Merlin and Ursula.

After that, you’ll have to talk to both of them. After talking to Merlin and Ursula, Ursula will tell you that to cast the spell, you’ll have to sacrifice something. After the dialogues, you’ll need to get 5 Night Shards and 5 Dream Shards. Night Shards can be gotten by digging a shining spot on the ground and Dream Shards are hard to get by but you would probably have 5 Dream Shards by this far in the game. After getting both of them, you’d need to go and talk to Kristoff.

After finding Kristoff, talk to him and tell him that he has to sacrifice his memories of Anna. After convincing him to sacrifice his memories, you need to head back to the first cave where you found Ursula. Go inside the cave and there would be Ursula, Merlin, and Kristoff as well in the cave. Talk to Ursula and give her the Night Shards and Dream Shards. She’ll ask you to give up your magic for this spell to be complete. Agree to the sacrifice and Ursula will cast the spell and you’ll enter into another reality.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Curse Quest – Walkthrough

Now, you’ll need to head back to Glade of Trust and go to the Floating Island to grab the Orb of Trust near the Pillar of Trust. Once you are there, just walk towards the island and grab the orb of trust then you’ll need to place the orb of trust in the Pillar of Trust. Once you’ve done that the curse will be lifted and you’ll come back to the original reality. Find Mother Gothel and talk to her. She’ll be glad that you’ve proven yourself and the quest will be ended.

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