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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Solve the Door Puzzles in Cave of Wonders



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Cave of the Wonders Puzzles

Unraveling the mystery of freeing Jafar will require players to obtain three different Jewel of Times for the Hourglass tool that players will obtain as they progress in the main expansion quests of A Rift in Time DLC. The first two Jewel of Times are easy to obtain but for the third and final Jewel of Time, players will have to step into the Cave of Wonders appear in the Glittering Dunes biome, and solve the door puzzles within to reach the statue holding the jewel.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to solve the door puzzles in Cave of Wonders in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Solve the Door Puzzles in Cave of Wonders

There are two main doors inside the Cave of Wonders that players need to unlock by guiding the light on the sides of the doors. The lights are powered up by the Coils and guided by using the switches. You will be able to find 2 Power Coils within the Cave of Wonder, each for one door puzzle and you have to set the switches in a specific order to open the doors.

Below you will find the solution for each door puzzle in the Cave of Wonders.

1st Door Puzzle

The first door puzzle is in the very first room and you need to continue toward the path on the left side by removing the Splinters of Fate. There will be a Power Coil on the ground at the end of a path that you need to pick up and place inside the socket.

Now, backtrack to the center of the room and interact with the switch on the right side to direct the light to the door to open it.

2nd Door Puzzle

Navigate toward the second door by removing the Splinters of Fate on the staircase and continue on the path on the left side to enter a room with multiple pathways. Go to the first path on the left and remove the Splinter to pick up a mirror. Now, go down into the room and interact with the first switch, then continue on the pathway blocked by two splinters to come across another switch – activate it as well.

Direct to the entrance of the room where the light is pointing and place the mirror that you found. Now, go out to the main room and there will be a small path beside the socket of the power coil. You will find a switch that will lift a mirror and direct the first light on the side of the door.

For the second light, go into the room on the right side to come across a large room with a Power Coil in the center. You need to charge the Power Coil by moving the stones on the floor. Move the stones for the following number of times to successfully charge the Power Coil.

  • First stone – one time
  • Second stone – three times
  • Third stone – two times
  • Fourth stone – one time
  • Fifth stone – two times

NOTE: The mentioned description is in the Clockwise direction from the center stone in the back of the room.

After charging the Power Coil, pick it up and place it inside the socket to open the second door.

Continue on the path to come across a statue and interact with it to get the final Jewel of Time for the Hourglass tool.

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