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Palia: Where to Find All 6 Stormseeker Medallions



Palia: Stormseeker Medallions

The new Temple of the Gales is now available for players to explore and unravel its secrets. Similar to the previous two temples, the Temple of the Gales also has its bundle which requires various items to be completed. One of the air bundles, ‘Stormseeker Bundle’ requires 6 Stormseeker Medallions which are scattered throughout the Bahari Bay map zone.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all 6 Stormseeker Medallions in Palia.

All 6 Stormseeker Medallion Locations

Stormseeker Medallion is one of the new quest items exclusive for completing the ‘Stormseeker Bundle’ of the Temple of the Gales. 5 of these medallions are found inside the chests scattered throughout Bahari Bay whereas, the last one can be obtained from Zeki.

Below you will find all the locations for Stormseeker Medallions in Palia.

Stormseeker Medallion #1

The first stormseeker medallion is located on a broken tilted bridge in front of the Flooded Fortress area.

Stormseeker Medallion #2

The second stormseeker medallion is located on the mountain right above the eastern entrance of Pavel Mines.

Stormseeker Medallion #3

The third stormseeker medallion is located under the bridge leading to the Lighthouse.

Stormseeker Medallion #4

The fourth stormseeker medallion is found inside the cavern area of a mountain located east of Hideaway Bluffs.

Stormseeker Medallion #5

The fifth stormseeker medallion is located in the ruins near the water south of the mountain in which you found the fourth medallion.

Stormseeker Medallion #6

The sixth and last medallion is obtained from Zeki for which you have to first go to your plot area and read the note from Zeki. Reading the note will start the ‘Vault of the Gales’ quest requiring you to meet with Zeki at the Night Sky. Make your way to the vault to find Zeki and talk to him to get the last medallion.

Once you have obtained all 6 Stormseeker Medallions, interact with the Vault of the Gales to contribute all of the medallions to complete the bundle and earn Recipe: Emberborn Bookshelf as a reward.

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