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Palia: How to Open the Door on the Final Island | Temple of the Gales



Palia - Open the door on the final island

The Temple of the Gales is the latest temple in Palia’s storyline and players will get to explore and progress in it by completing the quests of Zeki, Caleri, and Elouisa. Upon completing the starting quests of the temple, players will get the objective to explore the final island but the main gate on the island will be closed.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the door on the Final Island of Temple of the Gales in Palia.

How to Open the Door on the Final Island

The final quest of the Temple of the Gales, ‘Eye of the Storm’ will require players to venture to the final island to unravel the secrets within the door. However, the door will be shut closed and Zeki will assist in helping open the door but he will need something to pick the lock.

To find the item that will help Zeki pick the lock of the door, players need to climb to the top of the tower on the final island. Navigate to the left side of the entrance to find the vines, climb up, and jump on the floating rocks to reach the first tower.

Keep heading ahead and use the glider to go up by jumping the wind gale. As you go up, climb the rail and go to the front side of the tower to find a Flow Generator Fragment.

Now, jump down the tower and use the glider to reach down safely and talk to Zeki to give him the fragment that you found. Zeki will open the door and players will get to solve the final puzzle of the temple.

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