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Palia: How to Get to Temple of the Gales



Palia - How to get to Temple of the Gales

The Temple of the Gales is the Temple of the Wind, a third temple in the main storyline of Palia that players will get to discover and unravel its secrets in the latest patch of Palia which is currently live. There are several quests tied to the progression of this temple but players must get access to this temple to complete it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get to the Temple of the Gales in Palia.

How to Get to the Temple of the Gales in Palia

To get access to the Temple of the Gales, players will have to first complete the ‘Echoes of the Unknown’ quest which is one of the starting quests of the game. Once players have completed it, they will receive notes from Caleri and Elouisa in the mailbox. Read the notes and talk to either Caleri or Elouisa to unlock a quest named ‘Look to the Sky’ for Zeki.

You need to talk to Zeki between 6 PM to 12 PM to enter the party and then you need to talk to Caleri to distract Eshe. Once you have distracted Eshe, find Zeki and talk to him to leave the party. Make your way to the plot area and talk to Zeki to complete the quest and you will unlock the next quest named ‘Silver-Winging it’ requiring you to meet Zeki at a mysterious temple.

Make your way to Windy Ruins location over in Bahari Bay near the Beachcomber Cave fast-travel point and enter the ruins. You will find Caleri and Elouisa inside the Ruins hallway and Zeki at the end. Talk to Zeki and activate the Flowstone Gate in the middle to teleport to the Temple of the Gales.

Here you will be able to pursue the quest by solving the door puzzle leading to the main Temple of the Gales area.

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