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Palia: How to Solve the Door Puzzle in Temple of the Gales



Palia - Solve the Door Puzzle

Discovering the new Temple of the Wind and unraveling its secrets is now possible with the latest Palia patch. It is the third temple in the main storyline of Palia which players will get to unlock and complete several quests tied to its progression. Like the previous two temples, players will first have to solve a puzzle to open its main door.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the door puzzle in the Temple of the Gales.

How to Solve the Door/Egg Puzzle in the Temple of the Gales

As players activate the Flowstone Gate to reach the entrance to the Temple of the Gales, they will find a locked door with a symbol on top of it. There will be two sets of eggs in the room one on each side and each set will have 2 different eggs. If you look directly opposite the main door, you will find three nests with a unique symbol beneath them.

You need to grab the correct one egg at a time and place it respective to the symbol of the egg. Once you have placed down all 4 correct eggs, the door will open. To simplify the puzzle, place the following eggs in the mentioned nests.

  • Mysterious Red Egg – Left Nest
  • Mysterious Blue Egg – Middle Nest
  • Mysterious Green Egg – Right Nest

Upon putting the correct eggs in the correct nests, the door will open leading to a windy hall in which you will get to use a glider to go up in the air to view the flying Temple of the Gales.

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