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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to solve the First Magic Gate puzzle in Mystical Cave



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to solve the First Magic Gate puzzle in Mystical Cave

After you’ve unlocked the Dazzle Beach area with Dreamlight, you’ll be to get into the Mystical Cave where you’ll find Ursula as well. After discovering the cave, you’d have to talk to Merlin and he’ll give you a quest named “With Great Power…” in which you’ll have to get inside the Mystical Cave and get the Orb of Power. Before you get the orb, you’ll have to solve a couple of puzzles to unlock the magical gates.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to remove the first Magic Gate in Mystical Cave.

Removing the First magic Gate in Mystical Cave

Ursula will give you the Crystal Key to open the cave and once you are inside the cave, you’ll see a magic gate blocking your way to the Mystical Cave. Around the magic Gate, there’ll be three statues and all of them will have a different color. The colors will relate to the specific gem. You’ll have to get all three statues and place them on the correct statue.

The Green statue on the left side is for Peridot, the Blue statue in the middle is for Aquamarine, and the Red statue on the right is for Garnet. You can find all of these gems in the village, Plaza, and Peaceful Meadows. Look for the Black-Colored rocks with the gems and then you’ll have to smash the rocks to get the required gems. Once you have all three gems. You’ll need to place them on their correct statue. After placing the gems, the magic gate will be removed, and then you can go further down in the Mystical Cave.

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