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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Into the West Wing! – Quest Walkthrough



Into the West WIng

Into the West Wing! is one of the new main quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley and once players have unlocked the Beauty and the Beast Realm, they will unlock the quest for Belle.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Into the West Wing quest for Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Into the West Wing! – Quest Walkthrough

Once you have unlocked the Beauty and the Beast Realm at the Dream Castle, go inside the Realm and explore the realm to find a flying book. You need to follow the flying book through the hallways of the castle to reach Belle at the Library. A brief cutscene will start and after the cutscene, talk to Belle.

Catch the Flying Books in the Library

After talking to Belle, you need to catch 5 flying books in the library. Simply run before the flying books to catch them. Once you have caught all of the flying books, go back to Belle and talk to her.

Find a way to get into the Secret Passage in the Library

Belle will mention a secret passage hidden inside the library and you will have to find it. Before you get to open the Secret passage, you need to collect the following items from within the library.

  • 2x Ladder’s Missing Wheel
  • 4x Broken Ladder Step

The items will be scattered around the library and have a shining effect on them. You need to go near each item and interact with them to pick them up. After picking up all the parts for the ladder, go to the rolling ladder in the corner and interact with it to place all of the missing items on the ladder. As you place all the items, the ladder will move to the side and the secret passage will open.

Talk to Belle after finding the Secret Passage and she will tell you to gather items to make a disguise before entering the room with Beast in it.

Gather the Materials

You will have to gather the following materials and bring them to Belle to make the disguise.

  • 4x Castle Candle
  • 1x Castle Candle Holder
  • 1x Golden Curtain

You can find 1 Castle Candle and the Gold Curtain in the Library, 1 Castle Candle at the start of the Secret Passage in the Library, 1 Castle Candle and the Castle Candle Holder at the start of the Realm, and the last Castle Candle can be found at the start of the maze on the left side.

Once you have gathered all the materials, go back to Belle and give them to her. She will give you the Candlestick Disguise and the Candle Hat. Open the Wardrobe and wear the disguise and the Hat.

Talk to the Beast

After putting on the disguise, go through the curtains in the Secret Passage to talk to the Beast. Go through the dialogues and report back to Belle.

Talk to Merlin in the Village

Go back to the Dreamlight Valley and find Merlin to talk to him. He will tell you to gather the following items.

  • 12x Softwood
  • 8x Fiber
  • 4x Dream Shard
  • 3x White Daisy
  • 2x Garnet

Craft Enchanted Canvas

Once you have gathered the materials, go to the crafting station and select the Functional items tab to craft the Enchanted Canvas. After crafting the Enchanted Canvas, make your way back to the Beauty and the Beast Realm to bring the Enchanted Canvas to Belle.

Follow Belle to the West Wing

After giving Belle the painting, follow her to the West Wing and go through the dialogues to place the painting on the wall.  

Talk to Belle for the last time and go through the dialogues to complete the quest.

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