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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Memory Magnification Quest – Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: Memory Magnification Quest – Walkthrough

After unlocking the new areas around the village, Mickey will give you a quest named “Memory Magnification” in which you’ll have to make Dreamlight Magnifier which will help Mickey bring back Minnie.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Memory Magnification quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Memory Magnification

At the start of the quest, Mickey will tell you to craft 6x Tinkering Parts for which you’ll have to collect several resources. The first item that you need to get is an Emerald which is a green Gem that can be found easily in Peaceful Meadows. Look for the Black Veins with green gems on them to get yourself an Emerald. After that, you’d need to head to Forest of Valor.

You’ll have to find Hard Wood for the Dreamlight Magnifier. You can only get Hard Wood in Forest of Valor. You’ll find the Hardwood under the trees and it almost looks the same as Soft Wood. Grab a couple of Hard Woods and then you’ll need to look for Iron Ores and Coal Ores.

These two items will not be listed in the objective but you’ll have to get them because Tinkering Parts are made up of Iron Ingots and Iron Ingot is made up of Iron Ore and Coal Ore. Now, both of these will be easy to find in Forest of Valor. Look for the Black Veins in the area and when you smash them, you’ll get Coal Ores as well as Iron Ores. 1x Iron Ingot requires 5x Iron Ore and 1x Coal Ore. You’ll have to collect 20x Iron Ores and 4x Coal Ores to craft 4x Iron Ingot which will be enough to craft 6x Tinkering Parts.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Memory Magnification Quest – Walkthrough

After getting all the resources for the Iron Ingot, go to any crafting station and craft 4x Iron Ingots then craft Tinkering Parts with Iron Ingots. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to craft the Dreamlight Magnifier. Access the Crafting Station again and go to the Functional Items category and select Dreamlight Magnifier. It’ll require 1x Memory of Minnie, 6x Tinkering Parts, 2x Hard Wood, and 1x Emerald. Craft the Dreamlight Magnifier and then Talk to Mickey.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Memory Magnification Quest – Walkthrough

After talking to Mickey, open the map and look for Minnie’s location in the village. Go and talk to Minnie and then come back to Mickey and give him the Dreamlight Magnifier. After that, you’ll need to place Minnie’s House in the village. Find a spot for Minnie’s house or clear the areas to make room for the house and then place the house. After placing the house, you’ll need to interact with Scrooge’s sign and pay 5,000 Coins to build the house. After her house is built, Minnie would be in the village. Go and find Minnie and talk to her. After that, you’ll need to talk to Mickey and tell him about what happened to Minnie. After the dialogues, the quest will be completed.

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