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Disney Dreamlight Valley: New Haunted Holiday Star Path Guide



Haunted Holiday Star Path

Disney Dreamlight Valley has just rolled out a Major Update with new content for the players to explore. The new update of Disney Dreamlight Valley includes two new characters, Belle and the Beast from the Beauty and the Beast Realm along with new Haunted Holiday themes, cosmetics, items, and Star Path. The new Star Path is themed for Halloween and it is called Haunted Holiday Star Path with all new items and cosmetics to unlock for the players.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the all-new Haunted Holiday Star Path of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Haunted Holiday Star Path

The Haunted Holiday Star Path includes Halloween-themed items, cosmetics, character skins, and Motifs. All of these items are redeemable via Candy Points which players can earn by completing the Duties for Haunted Holiday Star Path. There are 7 tiers in the Haunted Holiday Star Path filled with all sorts of items including the Premium items as well. The Premium items are only redeemable for the players who own the Premium version of the Star Path.

The Premium version of the Star Path costs 2,500 Moonstones which will allow players to redeem premium items from the tiers of the Star Path as well as unlock 3 more daily duties of the Star Path. Apart from the regular Premium version, players can also buy the exotic Premium version for 3,300 Moonstones, including 100 free Candy Points.

Items in the Star path are redeemed according to the tiers. Players will have to redeem at least 3 items from the 1st tier of the Star Path to get items from the 2nd tier and onwards. So, if players have an item in mind that they want to get from the 6th tier, they will first have to get items from the previous 5 tiers to unlock the 6th tier.

Haunted Holiday Star Path Duties

As the items can only be redeemed via Candy Points, players will have to complete daily duties to earn Candy Points. The Daily Duties for Haunted Holiday Star Path can be viewed from the Duties option under the Event Tab of the main menu. Select the Duties option to view the daily duties. Each duty will reward a certain amount of Candy Points to the players. The players with the normal Star Path will be able to complete 3 duties daily whereas those with the Premium Star Path will get to complete 6 duties daily.

The duties for the Haunted Holiday Star Path is similar to the regular Dreamlight duties. Players will have to give a certain amount of gifts to the villagers or break a certain number of rocks to complete the duties to earn Candy Points. Once they have earned enough Candy Points for an item, they will be able to redeem the item from the tiers of the Star Path.

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