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Palia: How to Befriend Tau



Palia: How to Befriend Tau

Tau is a Palian dog owned by Hassian the Hunter in the world of Palia. Many players have wished that they could make Tau their pet, but unfortunately, that is not possible. However, with the new update of Palia, players can now befriend Tau to gain even more free loot items from him.

How to Befriend Tau in Palia

To befriend Tau in Palia, players will have to increase their friendship level with him. This is similar to increasing the friendship level with any other villager in Palia. Patch 0.168 has added Tau’s tab in the Relationship section of the main menu, and he has 4 friendship levels in total, like every other villager. You can increase your friendship level with Tau by following these steps:

  • Talk to Tau every Palian day.
  • Give gifts to Tau every real day.
  • Complete Tau’s friendship quests.

The Palian day changes every hour, so you will be able to talk to Tau frequently during your longer playthroughs. However, for the gifts, you will have to log in every day to give him gifts to gain more friendship points. As you reach level 2 with Tau, he will give you certain friendship quests that you can complete to increase the friendship level to 4.

*Palia: How to Befriend Tau

By reaching friendship level 4 with Tau, you will get a Tau plushie as a reward, which you can place in your home or your plot area. Apart from getting a Tau plushie by reaching the maximum level of friendship with Tau, you will also get random items from Tau from time to time. For example, Tau might give you Chapaa fur or unopened oysters on various occasions, so make sure to talk to Tau every day to strengthen your friendship bond with him.

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