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Palia: The Workbench Now Supports Multi-Crafting



Palia: The Workbench Now Supports Multi-Crafting

The Maji Market Event is currently going on in Palia, and the developers have just released a new and exciting update for the players. Patch 0.168 includes new content for the players to explore, along with other additional items, including a new furniture set to build, two new crops to grow, 10 new recipes to cook, and the ability to befriend Tau.

Additionally, this patch includes the much-requested multi-crafting feature at the Workbench. Players will no longer have to craft a single item over and over again to see the crafting animation every time. In the new patch, players will be able to set the number of items they want to craft, or simply add the numbers in the field directly.

The limit for crafting a recipe at a single time is 99, which is enough even for the hardcore players who like to fill their inventory with hundreds of arrows to hunt Sernuks. The multi-crafting is applied to every recipe that players have unlocked in their Workbench. For every recipe that they select, they will be able to set a number in the field for the number of items that they want to craft at a single time. This is a great addition to the game, which will save a lot of time for the players who decorate their Plot with fences or Houses with furniture items.

Palia: The Workbench Now Supports Multi-Crafting

Palia Patch 0.168 is live right now in Open Beta, and every player can test out the new patch by updating their game to the new patch. Palia Open Beta is available on PC.

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