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Palia: How to Find and Follow Tau’s Trail



Palia: How to Find and Follow Tau’s Trail

Palia’s new quest, Plumehound Pilgrimage will allow players to find the entrance to the Temple of the Flames by finding and following Tau’s Trail. To initiate the quest, players will have to talk to Hassian to learn about the disappearance of Tau often in the past few days and Hassian will ask you to locate where Tau has been going.

If you are looking for the trail of Tau in the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you locate and follow Tau’s Trail in Palia.

How to Find and Follow Tau’s Trail in Palia

Once you have talked to Hassian and accepted the quest, you will get the objective to find Tau’s Trail. To find Tau’s Trail, open the Map to view the highlighted zone around the Flooded Fortress area. Go to the north of the zone, east of the Flooded Steps area. You will reach a small cottage where you will find a pile of dirt and the trail of Tau on the ground. Interacting with the pile of dirt will give you 1x SpeedyGro Fertilizer and 1x Waterlogged Boot.

How to Find and Follow Tau’s Trail in Palia

The trail of Tau will be going towards the south side and you need to follow in the direction of the trail until you find another pile of dirt. Follow the trail from the next pile of dirt and eventually, you will reach the Flooded Fortress area. From there, you need to follow the trail that goes into the ruin and it will lead you to a new opening in the ruins which will lead to the door of the Temple of the Flames.

Interacting with the door will give you a broken Flow Battery and it unlocks a new objective for the quest for which you will have to fix the Flow Battery.

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