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Palia: Where to Find All Flowstones



Palia: Where to Find All Flowstones

The Flowstone is a quest item that players will have to get to complete the Plumehound Pilgrimage quest in Palia. Once players have located the entrance to the Temple of Flames by finding and following Tau’s Trail, they will get the broken Flow Battery which they need to fix by gathering the Flowstones.

If you are Looking for the Flowstones for the Flow Battery in Palia, then you are at the right place. This guide will help you find all of the Flowstones in Palia.

Where to Find All Flowstones in Palia

After finding the broken Flow Battery, players will first have to talk to Sifuu and then to Zeki in the underground. Once players have consulted with both of the NPCs, they will get the objective to find 5 Flowstones in total. To find all 5 Flowstones, players will have to go to Pavel Mines. All 5 Flowstones are scattered throughout the Pavel Mines and players will be able to find them at the following location.

  • Flowstone near a ruin: Start of the ruin entrance for Pavel Mines.
  • Flowstone near water: On the rock left side of the pond in Pavel Mines where you catch fish.
  • Flowstone near barrels: After getting the flowstone near the water, make your way up the staircase to reach the exit and then go straight in the first mine path to reach a couple of barrels to find the Flowstone.
  • Flowstone up high: For this flowstone, players will have to go above the mountain and jump down three ledges to find the flowstone.
  • Flowstone near exit: This Flowstone will be near the exit of the Pavel Mines.

NOTE: The Flowstone near the exit is bugged for some players in the game. You can find the rest of the four flowstones easily, but the last flowstone will not be there for you to pick up.

We found the first 4 flowstones, but the 5th flowstone was bugged for us as well as for many other players. Most players will get stuck at this point of the quest due to the bug. However, since it is one of the main new quests in Palia, the developers might fix it quickly. So, make sure to revisit the exit of the Pavel Mines to find the last Flowstone to continue in the quest.

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