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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Astronomy Club – Quest (Walkthrough)



Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Astronomy Club – Quest (Walkthrough)

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update has new questlines for the new characters of Pixar and Disney along with hidden quests for previous characters as well. There is a Hidden Quest for Wall-E at Friendship Level 10 that will require you to get a hidden requirement to unlock the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Astronomy Club quest of Wall-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting the Quest

To get the Astronomy Quest, players will have to unlock Prince Eric and Buzz lightyear characters. They will have to reach Friendship Level 10 with Wall-E and unlock Frosted Heights Biome. Players will also have to find the hidden requirement which will be a Memory. The memory can be found by removing the Night Thorns in the Valley.

Once they have completed all the requirements, “The Astronomy Club” quest will be unlocked.

The Astronomy Club – Quest

After unlocking the quest, go and talk to Wall-E to tell him about the memory. He will go to Merlin and you would have to go behind him and listen to the conversation between Merlin and Wall-E. Wall-E will try to invite Merlin but Merlin will not understand anything. After the conversation, talk to Wall-E and you will get to gather some materials for invitations. At the start, you will need to gather the following materials.

  • 9x Black Passion Lily
  • 12x Softwood

Black Passion Lily is a flower that only grows in the Frosted Heights biome. You will need to make your way to the Frosted Heights biome and look for the black-grown flowers. Gather 9 of those flowers in total and then go to the Forest of Valor or the Plaza to gather the Softwood.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Astronomy Club – Quest (Walkthrough)

Once you have gathered all the materials, you will get the next objective to craft the following items.

  • 3x Ink Vials
  • 3x Paper
  • 3x Astronomy Club Invitation

Go to any Crafting Station in the valley and access it. Go into the Refined Materials section to find all three items. First, you will have to craft Ink Vials with the Black Passion Lili flowers then craft the Paper with Softwood. After that, you will unlock the Astronomy Club Invitation recipe. Select it and craft it as well.

astronomy club in disney dreamlight

After crafting the Invitations, find Wall-E and give them to Wall-E. Now, you will have to craft the Telescope for which you will be needing the following materials.

  • 4x Iron Ingot
  • 2x Gold Ingot
  • 3x Glass
  • 6x Tinkering Parts

Iron Ingot is crafted with Iron Ores and Coal Ores which are obtained by mining the Black Colored Rocks in the biomes except for the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow. Gold Ingot is crafted with Gold Nuggets and Coal Ores which are obtained by mining the Black Colored Rocks in Frosted Heights and Forgotten Lands. Glass is crafted with Sand that can be found by digging on the Beach in the Dazzle Beach biome. Tinkering Parts are crafted with Iron Ingots and you are going to need 4 Iron Ingots to craft 6x Tinkering Parts.

Once you have all the materials, go to the crafting station and craft every needed item one by one in the Refined Materials section. After crafting all the required items for Telescope, access the Crafting Station again and go into the Furniture section. Scroll down to see the Telescope. Select the Telescope and craft it with the materials.

astronomy club disney

After crafting the new Telescope, go and talk to Wall-E. He will tell you to place the Telescope in a location of your choosing. Choose the location in the valley that you think is the best for the Telescope and go into the building mode by selecting the Furniture. Select Wall-E in the request section and place the Telescope in the location. After placing the Telescope, take a picture with all the members of the Astronomy Club and then talk to Wall-E to conclude the quest.

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