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High on Life: How to get Gene’s Knife



High on Life: How to get Gene’s Knife

High on Life is a First-Person Story Mode game in which earth has been attacked by aliens and our player will find a talking gun that will help teleport our player’s house to an Alien City on another planet. They will search for a Bounty Player to defeat the Aliens to save humankind. They will find a Bounty Player named “Gene Zaroothian” who will tell us to kill 9-Torg and find his knife.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Gene’s Knife in High on Life.

Finding Gene’s Knife (Knifey)

After finding Gene Zaroothian in an Alien City, he will move into our house and give you the Bounty Hunter Suit. You will have to talk to him in the house and will give you the information on our first bounty. He will tell us to kill the local gangster leader named “9-Torg” and find his Knife along the way.

The 9-Torg is a local gangster of a place known as the Slums and we will have to make our way to the Slums to find 9-Torg. Your Bounty Hunter Suit has an Info Scanner which will tell you the waypoint of the current objective. Press the up button of the directional keys on the controller to see the waypoint. Go straight from the house to enter Downtown. Go straight and you will come up on the Slums Gateway on the left side. You will have to talk to the aliens at the gateway and you need to choose which alien is much hotter. Blue or Red. Choose any one of them. We chose Blue and he unlocked his side of his door for us to go into the Slums.

Finding Gene’s Knife (Knifey)

Go inside the pipeline to reach the slums. You will get to fight some enemies in the slums before you get to the Knife location. Take down the enemies and talk to the fishermen in the Slums. Ask him about 9-Torg and he will tell you a secret pathway. The Talking Gun will tell you to use another ability named “Glob Shot” by pressing the RB button. The Glob Shot will lower the pieces of the bridge that will take you to the other side.

Use the Glob Shot again on the enemies on the other side to bring a platform close to you. Jump on the platform and then jump ahead. Go left and jump on the platforms to reach another side. Kill the enemies and go up the ramp to go inside a shop. When you get close to the wooden gate inside the shop, you will hear some voices.

Go close to the door and your character will knock on the door and Kenny (The Talking Gun) will tell the enemies inside that they are here to buy the Knife. The door will open and two enemies will show you the Talking Knife when you take the Knife, you will get the option to stab the enemies with the Knife. Press the RS button to stab with Knifey. After that players will get to progress to find 9-Torg.

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