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High on Life: How to Get Creature (Talking Gun)



High on Life: How to Get Creature (Talking Gun)

High on Life has many different Talking Guns that players will get as they progress through the Story of the game. The guns have various abilities as well that can help you collect Luglox boxes for loot. One of the talking Guns that you can find in the game is Creature which is the most fun gun in the game and shoots its own children to kill enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Creature in High on Life.

Getting Creature

The creature will be the fourth gun that you will get by progressing in the main story of the game. Once players have completed the two bounties of G3 Cartel bosses (Krubis and Douglas), they will get two more bounties and in one of them, bounty players will get their hands on Creature. Once you have unlocked two new bounties to choose from, you need to choose the bounty of the “Skrendel Bros” boss. After choosing the bounty, a portal will open on the side of the Bounty 5000 machine that will take you back to Zephyr Paradise where you killed Krubis.

Now, Zephyr Paradise is under the leadership of a G3 Cartel boss named “Skrendel Bros” who has enslaved the Moplets again. You will meet one Moplet as you teleport to Zephyr Paradise who will tell you the location of Skrendel Bros. You will have to get to the Skrendel Labs which is past the Mushroom Valley from your location. You need to make your way through the Mushroom Valley by using the Jetpack along with other abilities of your Talking Guns and you will reach the Facility.

You will have to go up the facility by using three different Elevators. Use the switches to call the Elevators and then go up from the elevators to go inside the Facility. Kill all of the security of G3 Cartel in the facility and you will get to the main area where you will find the worker as well. There will be a room from where you will hear the scream of an alien. But that door will be closed so, you will have to find a way around to get there.

High on Life: How to Get Creature (Talking Gun)

There will be another door on the right side of that door that will take you up to the console where you will be able to unlock the locked door. Interact with the switch to open the door. Now, go down again and go through the door unlocked door. You will find many dead Gatlians but one of them will be alive and screaming. The alive Gatlian will be tested with different experiments so go near the alien and press the LB button to grab the alien. It will be the Creature and he will give you its introduction.

Creature Abilities

The creature is a talking gun that has been through many experiments and now, he has its own children that can be shot at enemies and they will take the enemies down for you by exploding them. There are also other uses for Creature’s children. You can actually throw them into the consoles to open the locked doors. Press the RT button to shoot Creature’s children to open the doors as well as take down enemies.

Creature Abilities

You can also launch a Hypno Baby of Creature to mind control the enemy. Press the RB button to shoot the Hypno Baby at the enemy to mind control it. That is not it, you can also extend the controlled enemy by shooting more Creature’s children on that enemy. The controlled enemy will become your ally for a short period of time and will shoot the enemies for you.

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