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High on Life: How to Get Jetpack



High on Life: How to Get Jetpack

High on Life will let you fight the bad Aliens by becoming the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter has a Bounty Suit with different types of abilities that can be used in combat as well as in the environment to get to new places. One of the Abilities that you will unlock in the game is Jetpack.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a jetpack in High on Life.

Getting Jetpack

The Bounty Hunter Suit will let players track down the bounty of different local bosses as well as the G3 Cartel bosses. The Bounty Hunter Suit is capable of holding different mods in the suit which will provide you with different abilities that you can use in the gameplay during combat and even while exploring the different planets. At the start, you will have to get the Mod named “Dodge Unit” which will allow you to dash in a different direction during the combat to dodge to the fire attacks of enemies and in the environment to get to the far edges.

As you progress further in the game, taking down two leading bosses of G3 (Krubis and Douglas) will get you the opportunity to get the Jetpack. You will have to kill the bosses and their bounties in the Bounty 5000 Machine to unlock more story content. You will meet the leader of Blim City in his office and after that, Gene will tell you to get the Jetpack as the further adventure will be tough and you might need it.

You will have to go to Mr. Keep who has a shop in Blim City of different mods for the Bounty Suit as well as the Talking Guns. Mr. Keep’s shop is on the east side of the city so make your way to the right side of the house and then go up the road on the left to reach the shop. Go inside the shop and if you have progressed to this point then you will automatically see the Jetpack board on the counter. If not, then you will have to progress through the story first.

High on Life: How to Get Jetpack

Interact with the Jetpack on the counter to buy it for 999 Pesos. It will be a Jetpack Reservation Card which will put you on the waiting list while Mr. Keep ready the Jetpack and send it to you. After getting the Reservation Card, you will have to head back home and wait for a few days for Jetpack to come. You can explore the city more or you can just go upstairs to your room and interact with the Bed to sleep. Sleeping will make you wake up after three days and you will get the Jetpack.

Using Jetpack

Jetpack is very simple to use, you just have to hold down the A button to fly up in the air while giving the direction. You will fly in that direction while holding down the button but it will consume Fuel which will auto-refill after letting go of the A button. As you press the A button, you will also see the Height meter. When the Height Meter reaches full, you will not go further up. You will have to land in a high place and then start using the Jetpack again to go up to further heights.

Using Jetpack

While you are in the air and there is a surface under you, then you can press the lower button on the D-Pad to get directly on the surface. It will not damage you. You can also just let go of the A button to come down as well.

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