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High on Life: How to Defeat Skrendel Bros (Boss Fight)



High on Life: How to Defeat Skrendel Bros (Boss Fight)

High on Life has different Alien Bosses that players will get to defeat before they get to the final Boss fight to free the Human Kind. One of the Mid-Game main bosses that Gene Zaroothian will ask you to kill is Skrendel Bros who have retaken the liberty of Zephyr Paradise after Krubis.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Skrendel Bros in High on Life.

Location of Skrendel Bros

Skrendel Bros are G3 Laboratory Overseers and they are three brothers in total. So, you will have to go to the Zephyr Paradise to kill all three of them to free Moplets again and complete the bounty. Once you have accepted the bounty of them, a portal will open on the side of the Bounty 5000 that will take you to Zephyr Paradise. You will meet one Moplet as you teleport to Zephyr Paradise who will tell you the location of Skrendel Bros. You will have to get to the Skrendel Labs which is past the Mushroom Valley from your location. You need to make your way through the Mushroom Valley by using the Jetpack along with other abilities of your Talking Guns and you will reach the Facility.

You will have to go up the facility by using three different Elevators. Use the switches to call the Elevators and then go up from the elevators to go inside the Facility. Kill all of the security of G3 Cartel in the facility and you will get to the main area where you will find the worker as well. You will have to get the Creature from the facility to get out of there and find the Skrendel Bros.

Defeating Skrendel Bros

You will encounter the Skrendel Bros one by one so you will be fighting all of them in different places. You will be fighting the Skrendel Bros in the following order.

Defeating Jonathan Skrendel

Jonathan Skrendel will be just outside of the Skrendel facility where you freed Creature. Once you get out of the Facility, you will get to encounter Jonathan Skrendel. Jonathan Skrendel will not be using any gun but he will be bouncing around in the arena doing dance moves and producing Sludge Waves in the arena. He will bounce 5 times in the arena to make 5 Sludge Waves and you can only dodge the waves by using the Jetpack. Use Jetpack to dodge every wave and then use Sweezy to slow down Jonathan. Go inside the Time Bubble and light him up with the crystals of Sweezy. Sweezy will do massive damage to Nathanan so use it in this battle to defeat him easily.

Defeating Jonathan Skrendel

This fight will take only a couple of minutes as he does not have any more moves so, you just have to use Sweezy’s abilities to defeat Jonathan. You can also use other guns as well but the fastest gun to defeat Jonathan Skrendel is Sweezy. Once his HP is completely depleted, he will run away from the area.

Defeating Angela Skrendel

After defeating Jonathan, you will make your way to Cloning Facility where you will get to track down Angela Skrendel. Once you have tracked down Angela, you will get to battle him. Angela Skrendel will be shooting Sludge shots from his mouth that can be dodged by moving in another direction but be careful because you can die by falling into the spinning fans in the middle of the fighting area. Angela Skrendel also runs very fast so he will be changing his location frequently.

High on Life: How to Defeat Skrendel Bros (Boss Fight)

Let him run and whenever he stops, just shoot the Time Bubble at him and then light him up with the Sweezy’s Crystal. You can also use Knifey to stab him when he is slowed by Time Bubble. Stabbing him will deplete his HP very quickly so the combo of Sweezy and Knifey will very come in handy. He will just around and shoot Sludge Shots so just dodge them by using the Jetpack and shooting the Time Bubble at him. After that, take him down with Sweezy and Knifey. It will not take long to defeat him as well. Once he is defeated, he will run as well.

Defeating Mona Skrendel

After defeating Angela, you will have to track down the brothers and while you are tracking, you will come to find the third brother named MONA. You will fight Mona Skrendel at the Skrendel Think Tank location. Mona Skrendel will just around like crazy and he will shoot sludge balloons in the arena that can be dodged by moving around or using the jetpack. You can easily kill him with Sweezy and Knifey combo. Just use the Time Bubble to slow him down and then stab him a couple of times and light him up with the crystals. You can also use the Creature’s Children to deal damage to him but Sweezy will deal higher damage.

Defeating Mona Skrendel

Once you have depleted his HP completely, you will get the option to take his DNA but he will form with the other two of his brothers.

Defeating Bro-Tron

All three of Skrendle Bros will come together and assemble themselves into a form called “Bro-Tron”. They will latch on to each other and at the start, they will do Jonathan’s move by bouncing and making the Sludge Waves. You can shoot them with Sweezy but it is harder to get close to them due to the waves. The best weapon to use here would be the Creature because you will be sending Creature’s children to bro-Tron to deal damage. After you have dealt some damage to them, they will begin to change their moves and start making sludge tornados in the battle area.

Go between the tornados to dodge them and just keep shooting them. If you get close to them then use Gus with Shotgun Fire to immediately deplete their HP and once their HP is depleted completely, all three of them will separate. They all will begin to their moves so just focus on one Skrendel Brother and kill him by using Sweezy and Knifey. After that, the remaining brothers will assemble and then you will have to deplete their HP again to separate them. Try to get close to them and demolish them with Gus because it will deal very high damage to them.

Once they are separated again, focus on the single brother and kill him with Sweezy and Knifey combination. In the end, only one will remain so take him out as well by repeating the strategies.

Once you have killed all three of them, go to each one’s body and collect their DNA and then go back to Blim City and turn the bounty in to complete the bounty.

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