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High on Life: How to Get Lezduit (Talking Plasma Gun)



High on Life: How to Get Lezduit (Talking Plasma Gun)

High on Life has many different Talking Guns that players will get as they progress through the Story of the game. The guns have various abilities as well that can help you collect Luglox boxes for loot. One of the talking Guns that you can find in the game is Lezduit which is also the last talking gun that you will obtain in the end-game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Lezduit in High on Life.

Getting Lezduit

Lezduit will be the fifth and final talking gun that you will get by progressing in the main story of the game. However, the criteria to get this gun is a bit change than the rest of the guns. The other guns can be sued from the very moment when you find them but Lezduit will not be conscious and players will have to wait for Lezduit to get fixed to use it. But the first thing is to find this weapon and players will find this weapon as they will be completing the bounty of Dr. Giblets. To get to Dr. Giblets, players will have to complete two bounties of Krubis and Douglas. After that, players will get the bounty of Skrendel Bros and Dr. Giblets.

Players will have to select the Dr. Giblets bounty in order to find Lezduit. Starting the bounty will give you the objective to get a lead on Dr. Giblets which will take you to the Slums and then you will come back home to set the Portal to Zephyr Paradise where you will find Dr. Giblets. After taking down Dr. Giblets and surviving his army, you will get to escape the cell that Dr. Giblets created for his death. When you are going towards the exit, you will see a room on your left in which you will find Lezduit being tested on a bench. You need to take Lezduit but he will be unconscious.

High on Life: How to Get Lezduit (Talking Plasma Gun)

You will have to go home and give Lezduit to Gene to fix it. Gene will take some time, and in the meantime, you will have to find Lizzie and then you will have to take down another G3 Cartel Bounty named “Nipulon”. After completing the Nipulon bounty, Gene will fix Lezduit and players will be able to use it.

Abilities of Lezduit

Lezduit is a very powerful weapon that can be charged to create plasma strikes on enemies that will take down multiple enemies in one charge. You can charge Lezduit by pressing down the RT button but after he has heated up, he will take some time to recharge so you might want to switch to the other weapons before you get to use it again. The plasma blasts can also be used to break down the obstacles in the path.

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