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High on Life: How to Defeat Douglas (Boss Fight)



High on Life: How to Defeat Douglas (Boss Fight)

High on Life has different Alien Bosses that players will get to defeat before they get to the final Boss fight to free the Human Kind. One of the earliest main bosses that Gene Zaroothian will ask you to kill is Douglas.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Douglas in High on Life.

Location of Douglas

Douglas is a G3 Chief of Training and torture who can be found only in Dreg Town. Players will have to accept its bounty after getting the Dodge ability from Mr. Keeps in the Blim City. After that, players will get to accept their bounty by interacting with the Bounty Machine in the house. Accepting Douglas’s bounty will open a portal on the right side of the Bounty 5000 machine. Players will have to go inside the teleport to reach Desert Wasteland where they will have to make their way to the Dreg Town location.

Location of Douglas

Defeating Douglas

Douglas is like an Octopus Alien in a Bounty Suit who trains and tortures the recruits. He will be using a pistol that shoots rapid-fire bullets. He has the ability to dash quickly around the area so it is a bit hard to keep track of him. Since we are in his torture chamber, he will be continuously using the floor to perform electrical surges. When the battle starts, you just have to shoot him down to lower his HP then he will start to use the pillars to do dashing around the arena. There is not any metal surface that you can use to latch on to it to get into the air so you will have to use the Dodge Unit to dodge the electrical surges.

The floor of the arena has blocks and some blocks will glow before producing electrical surges so, make sure to dodge in another direction if you are on that block. There will also be a few G3 Cartel enemies in the arena so kill them to refill your Battery. The best weapon to kill Douglas with is Gus and you need to shoot him with Disks if he is far from you but if he gets close then shoot him down with the Shotgun Fire. Shotgun Fire does more damage when the enemy is close so you can also push him but be careful of the blocks of the arena.

dougals in high on life

The easiest way to dodge them is to keep moving around and shooting Douglas. If you find Kenny easier then shoot him with Kenny’s Glob Shot to deal more damage and whenever he is close blast him with Shotgun Fires. He will repeat all of his moves over and over again so just keep shooting him until his HP depletes completely and then he will start dashing on the pillars and the blocks of the floor will produce electrical surges more swiftly. He will not shoot you or anything, you just have to dodge the blocks by moving and dodging around. When he comes to the floor, he will drop down on the floor and die.

Make sure to get his DNA by interacting with the dead Octopus Alien that comes out of his suit. After that, you will be able to go back and turn in his bounty to complete the bounty.

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