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High on Life: How to Get Sweezy (Talking Semi-Auto Pistol)



High on Life: How to Get Sweezy (Talking Semi-Auto Pistol)

High on Life has many different Talking Guns that players will get as they progress through the Story of the game. The guns have various abilities as well that can help you collect Luglox boxes for loot. One of the talking Guns that you can find in the game is Sweezy which is basically a Semi-Auto Pistol with a lot of other cool abilities.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Sweezy in High on Life.

Getting Sweezy

Sweezy is obtained by following the main story of the game. After you have defeated the 9-Trog boss in the Slums, you will get back to Gene Zaroothian and he will tell you to go after the G3 cartel bosses. You will be able to go after two G3 Cartel Bosses available on the Bounty Machine. You will have to select between Krubis and Douglas. Interact with the Bounty Machine and select Douglas to go after him.

You will open a teleport on the side of the bounty machine to travel to a place named “Old Town Area” from where you have to make your way to Dreg Town to kill Douglas. You will have to clear the Old Town Area by entering into it and then the Gateway to Dreg Town will open. You will take an Elevator down to the Dreg Town to find the Trainer and Torturer named Douglas. The best way to find him would be through finding the G3 Recruitment Center. Use your Info Scanner to find the Recruit Center and then Pass the test as a G3 Recruit to enter the G3 Orientation. Pass a couple of more Training sessions and then you will have to escape through the training area.

After that, you will be able to make your way to Douglas HQ where you will fight Douglas. Douglas is not a tough boss but he does have some abilities that can catch you off guard so, if you need any assistance in defeating Douglas then you can check our guide on __ how to defeat Douglas.

Once you have killed Douglas, you will have to get his DNA and after getting his DNA, your character will pick SWEEZY from his body. Sweezy is a Semi-Auto Pistol that can rapid-fire and it is super deadly at close range. It is super effective in close-range combats so if you are getting pushed by multiples of G3 cartels then you can use Sweezy to take them out.

Sweezy’s Abilities

Sweezy has a couple of abilities along with rapid-firing that you can use as well that will help you get to some unique places and find loot boxes. The first unique ability of Sweezy is Time Bubble. It lets you shoot a time bubble and everything inside a time bubble will momentarily slow down, especially a fast-moving object. It will let you slow down the fast-moving fans and even the enemies. To use the Time Bubble, you will have to equip Sweezy and press the RB button to shoot the time bubble.

Sweezy’s Abilities

The other ability of Sweezy is Charged Shot. You will be able to detonate Sweezy’s Crystals on the body of the enemies by pressing the LT button and aiming at the shot crystals. It is super effective even through the barriers.

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