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High on Life: How to Solve Dr. Joopy Escape Again Puzzle



High on Life: How to Solve Dr. Joopy Escape Again Puzzle

High on Life is a first-person action-adventure game with a lot of surprises of Aliens. You will meet different Aliens on different planets. As you make progress through the game while hunting down the bounties, you will come into a town named “Dreg Town” where you will be looking to kill Douglas. But you will find an Alien named Dr. Joopy who you will be helping to get to Douglas’s HQ.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Solve Dr. Joopy Escape Again Puzzle in High on Life.

Dr. Joopy Escape Again – Puzzle

While you are looking for Douglas in Dreg Town, you will make your way to the Recruitment Center where you to pass as a G3 Recruit. You will have to pass a couple of training tests and then attend a G3 Orientation. After that, while you are making your leave from the training Center you will meet Dr. Joopy who is basically an Octopus Alien. He can only stay alive in the Sludge so he will be moving through Sludge Pipes. You will have to help him get to the Douglas HQ. After an intense battle, you will find him in a Sludge Pipe but you will have to align the pipes in a way that the sludge makes its way to the other end.

To align the Pipes correctly, follow the following steps.

  • The first Pipe that you want to move is down near the waterfall. Go to the edge and look down to align the Blue Pipe with the Orange pipe by shooting at the platforms on their sides.
  • The Sludge will go through the Orange Pipes to the other side but it is not complete yet so now, shoot the platform on the right side to make the Sludge go further into the orange pipes.
  • Now, the Sludge will have come to the left side on top. Shoot the left platform one time to make the sludge go further on the other side.
  • Cross the bridge to go to the other side and you will see two Blue Pipes. You need to align both of them with the Orange Pipes. Shoot the first Pipe’s platform two times and the second Pipe’s platform one time to align them.
  • The Sludge will come further and lastly, you will have to shoot the Platform to raise the Blue Pipe to let the Sludge go all the way to another side.

Once you have aligned all of the pipes, the sludge will flow perfectly to the other side and Dr. Joop will get to the other side which will conclude this small puzzle.

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