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High on Life: Where to Find Lizzie



High on Life: Where to Find Lizzie

High on Life is a story mode game in which your character will become a Bounty Hunter that hunts down bad Alien bosses of G3 Cartel. G3 Cartel has also attacked the planet Earth and you have been teleported to an Alien City called Blim City. You have been teleported with your sister named Lizzie and she will start to explore the Blim City while you were away killing the bosses. Late in the Mid-Game, Lizzie will not return home and you will have to find her.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Lizzie in High on Life.

Finding Lizzie

Lizzie has been living in the house alone with Gene Zaroothian and as you make progress in the game, you will come to find out that Lizzie has started to date an Alien named “Tweeg”. Tweeg will also come to the house when you have taken down the Skrendel Bros and Lizzie will leave with him. When you have defeated the fourth boss of G3 Cartel and turned in his bounty, Gene Zaroothian will give you the bad news of Lizzie being missing.

After you have got the news, you need to leave all the guns except Kenny and Knifey on the couch with Gene Zaroothian and go to the Space Applebee’s where Tweeg works. Applebee’s is in the Slums so go through the Gateway of the Slums that you opened earlier in the game. Go through the tunnel to reach the slums. Head in the west direction when you reach the slums and go to the docs. Use the Jetpack and Tether ability to cross the Sludge.

Finding Lizzie

Reach the Uptown and you will find the Applebee’s Shop. Go inside the shop to ask about Tweeg and the waiter will tell you that he did not show up on the shift today. Kenny will tell the waiter to get a table for two so he can talk with us. While the conversation of Kenny goes on, you will hear Lizzie and Tweeg fighting outside of Applebee’s and you will come to know that Tweeg has sold off Lizzie to G3 Cartel. When you get outside of Applebee’s Tweeg will kidnap her and take her away.

You will be attacked by G3 Cartel and Warp areas will start to teleport in the slums. Kill the enemies and make your way back to the house. Warp areas also have attacked the Blim City as well so you will have to take them out as well. When you reach the house, you will teleport the house to Kenny’s planet which is totally doomed. Gene will tell you to rest up until he gets Lizzie’s coordinates and open the portal to her.

High on Life: Where to Find Lizzie

Go upstairs to your room and interact with the bed to sleep. After waking up, go down the stairs and you will get a shield upgrade for the Bounty Suit Gene has also found Lizzie’s coordinates. Gene will open the portal and you just need to go inside the portal to find Lizzie.

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