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High on Life: How to Defeat Krubis (Boss Fight)



High on Life: How to Defeat Krubis (Boss Fight)

High on Life has different Alien Bosses that players will get to defeat before they get to the final Boss fight to free the Human Kind. One of the earliest main bosses that Gene Zaroothian will ask you to kill is Krubis.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Krubis in High on Life.

Location of Krubis

Krubis is a G3 Chief of Furgle who can be found only in Zephyr Paradise. Players will have to accept its bounty after getting the Dodge ability from Mr. Keeps in the Blim City. After that, players will get to accept their bounty by interacting with the Bounty Machine in the house. Accepting Krubis’s bounty will open a portal on the right side of the bouny machine. Players will have to go inside the teleport to reach the Zephyr Paradise location.

Location of Krubis

Follow the Info Scanner waypoint to reach a Village raided by the G3 Cartel. Clear the village from G3 and the species named “Moplets” will tell you how you can find Krubis. Follow through the instructions and you will find Krubis

Defeating Krubis

Krubis will have Drills in both of his hands and even on top of his head because why not, he is a driller after all. He will be using a gun that shoots pellets like a shotgun which is more deadly at close range so, make sure to shoot him from a distance. Shoot it with Kenny and use Glob Shots at Krubis to deal more damage. Once you have depleted a quarter of his HP, he will dive into the ground and will try to hit you with the drill. You can use the Tether ability to latch on to the bugs to stay in the air while he comes out of the ground.

You can also see his pattern in a shining pink light. His head and half of his body will come out of the ground and you will have a chance to move around and shoot him before he gets out of the ground completely. In the meantime, you will also get attacked by the G3 cartel as well. But it is more helpful in a way because you will be able to get Shield Bars from killing the Cartels.

Defeating Krubis

Make sure to grab the Shield Bars when your shield gets low and just keep shooting at Krubis. Krubis will go behind the glass after some time and he starts to shoot down the drones. You cannot shoot Krubis while he is behind the glass so keep your focus on the G3 Cartels and the drones. The drones will come in a straight line following the red laser. So, keep your distance from the laser and dodge them by using the Dodge ability.

Krubis will repeat the whole process again so just keep shooting him with Kenny and the Glob Shots, you can also stab him with Knifey when he gets close to you but be careful with his gun because it can take your whole shield out in two shots. Unlike 9-Torg, when you depleted his HP completely, he will die immediately and will not have any ending ability like 9-Torg. After killing him, stab him with Knifey to get the DNA and then get back to Blim City to complete the Bounty.

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