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High on Life: Where to Find Bounty Hunter Gene Zaroothian



High on Life: Where to Find Bounty Hunter Gene Zaroothian

High on Life is a First-Person Story Mode game in which the Earth is attacked by Aliens and the player will be teleported along with his whole house to an Alien City named “Blim City”. The player will find a Talking Gun named “Kenny” who will tell you to look for Bounty Hunter named Gene Zaroothian who might be able to fight the Aliens and save Human Kind.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Bounty Hunter Gene Zaroothian in High on Life.

Finding Gene Zaroothian

Once players have gone through the shootout on Earth and reached the Blim City, they will begin their search for Gene Zaroothian who happens to be a Bounty Hunter. Kenny will tell us to ask around in Blim City to see if any one knows the whereabouts of Gene Zaroothian. To start off, go outside of the house and into the Downtown to ask people (Aliens) about the whereabouts of Gene Zaroothian.

You just need to go in front of the people and Kenny will do the talking. The first few people that you will ask, will not know the whereabouts of the Bounty Hunter. You do not want to go far from the house because Bounty Hunter can be found in the Downtown area so stay in that area and ask people by going in front of them. Ask around outside the shops in front of your house and an alien will tell you that he saw him sleeping on the bench.

There will be an Ad of Gene Zaroothian above the shops and if you stand in front of the Ad, Gene Zaroothian will be on a Bench which is on a small bridge in front of your house. To find it easily, just go straight from the Ad and turn left on the bridge. You will see a Purple Alien with three eyes sleeping on a bench. Kenny will interrupt his sleep automatically and come to know that the famous Bounty Hunter is Homeless now and he will be ready to help you if you trade your house.

High on Life: Where to Find Bounty Hunter Gene Zaroothian

After the conversation, Gene Zaroothian will give you his Bounty Hunter Suit and he will move into your house.

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