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High on Life: How to Defeat 9 – Torg (Boss Fight)



High on Life: How to Defeat 9 – Torg (Boss Fight)

High on Life has different Alien Bosses that players will get to defeat before they get to the final Boss fight to free the Human Kind. The first main boss is a local gangster of the Slums named “9-Torg”. Players will have to go to the slums to kill 9-Torg.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat 9-Torg in High on Life.

Location of 9-Torg

Once players have reached the Slums, they will have to get Knifey from the traders inside the Slums. Players will have to cross the slum river by lowering the bridge. Kill the enemies along the way and they will reach a shop. Go inside the shop to get Knifey and kill the traders. Players will have to use the Tether ability of Knifey to latch on to Metal or bugs to get out of the shop. Follow the path from the shop and take the zip line by using the Tether ability to reach Sludgewerks Docks, the hiding spot of 9-Torg.

Kill all the enemies and go upstairs to go inside the door to find 9-Torg and the boss fight will start.

Defeating 9-Torg

9 Torg is a bug alien-like other enemies in the Slums but she uses a gun like a crab’s claw. The battle area will be only a ramp surrounded by sludge with only a few wooden boxes that can be used for cover. At the start, she will shoot three shots at once from her gun. You can easily dodge it by running around. You just have to keep shooting her and use the Glob Shot to deal extra damage to her. When you have lowered her HP by about a quarter, she will dive into the sludge and starts to do jumping in the Sludge.

She will shoot a Green Laser from her gun in all directions so, the only way to dodge it completely is by staying behind the Wooden Boxes. The boxes will break when the laser hits the box so, shoot her when she comes up from the Sludge and hide behind the boxes. After that, she will start to fill the battle area with Sludge which will make the ramp go inside the sludge. You will have to use the Tether ability of Knifey on the bugs to stay in the air. Just spam the ability until the ramp comes back up again. You will have to repeat the same process again and she will do that all over again. Just keep shooting her and use the Glob Shots to lower her health quickly.

When all of her HP is gone, she will freeze and she will shoot a Thick Pink Laser from her gun. You cannot dodge it by staying on the ramp because she will spin while shooting the laser. You will have to use the Tether ability to stay in the air and when she stops, she will explode and die. You will have to take the DNA sample of her when she is dead and then you will be able to go back to Gene.

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