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High On Life: How to Get Gus (Talking Shotgun)



High On Life: How to Get Gus (Talking Shotgun)

High on Life has many different Talking Guns that players will get as they progress through the Story of the game. The guns have various abilities as well that can help you collect Luglox boxes for loot. One of the talking Guns that you can find in the game is Gus which is basically a Shotgun with a lot of other cool abilities.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Gus in High on Life.

Getting Gus

Gus is obtained by following through the main story of the game. After you have defeated the 9-Trog boss in the Slums, you will get back to Gene Zaroothian and he will tell you to go after the G3 cartel bosses. You will be able to go after two G3 Cartel Bosses available on the Bounty Machine. You will have to select between Krubis and Douglas. Interact with the Bounty Machine and select Krubis to go after him.

You will open a teleport on the side of the bounty machine to travel to a place named “Zephyr Paradise”. Krubis is running a Furgle business in Zephyr paradise and the locals of Zephyr paradise named “Moplets” will ask for your help to take down Krubis. However, Krubis is a driller and he always changes the mines so it is difficult to find him but there is a friend of Krubis in Zephyr Paradise who lives in a Mansion. He has a device that can teleport Warps. You will have to get Krubis’s location Warp and then use the device to bring Krubis to your location.

You just have to follow through with the objectives to get to Krubis and then you need to defeat him. Krubis is not a tough boss but he does have some abilities that can catch you off guard so, if you need any assistance in defeating Krubis then you can check our guide on __ how to defeat Krubis.

Getting Gus

Once you have killed Krubis, you will have to get his DNA and while you are getting his DNA, you will catch GUS from his body. Gus is a Shotgun that can fire three rounds of Shotgun fire. It is super effective in close-range combats so if you are getting pushed by multiples of G3 cartels then you can use Gus to take them out.

Gus’s Abilities

Gus has a couple of abilities along with the Shotgun Fire that you can use as well that will help you get to higher places and find loot boxes. The first ability of Gus is to Launch Dice. It can shoot big dice of platforms on which you can reach and then reach higher places. To use the Launch Dices, you will have to equip Gus and press the RB button to shoot the dice on the wall.

High On Life: How to Get Gus (Talking Shotgun)

The other ability of Gus is Vacuum. You can suck enemies from a distance and then blast them with the Shotgun Fire. To use the Vacuum ability, press the LT button by aiming at the target.

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