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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Broken Memory (Quest) – Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Broken Memory (Quest) – Walkthrough

After Leveling up Friendship with Wall-E to level 7, you’ll unlock a new quest of him named “The Broken Memory” in which you’ll have to find a couple of electronic boards and then fix the device that’ll help Wall-E find the memory.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Broken Memory quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Broken Memory

Once you’ve unlocked the quest, go talk to Wall-E and he’ll tell you to find the Electronic Components in his house. After the conversation, go to Wall-E’s house and look for a shining item on the floor. When you find the component, bring it back to Wall-E. Wall-E will fix the component and then he’ll tell you to follow him. Follow Wall-E to the Dream Castle and then talk to him. He’ll tell you to look for another component in his Realm.

Go inside the Dream Castle and go inside Wall-E’s Realm. You’ll see several shining spots on the ground that you have to dig with the shovel to find the Electronic Component. Once you’ve found the component, go back to the dreamlight valley and give the component to Wall-E. He’ll give you a device and both of the components back and tell you that you’ll need Tinkering Parts to repair the device. You’ll need to gather 12 Tinkering parts in total to repair the device.

For the Tinkering Parts, you won’t find them in a specific place or location, you’ll have to craft them. Tinkering Parts are made up of Iron Ingots and Iron Ingot is made up of Iron Ore and Coal Ore. Now, both of these will be easy to find in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Look for the Black Veins in the area and when you smash them, you’ll get Coal Ores as well as Iron Ores. 1x Iron Ingot requires 5x Iron Ore and 1x Coal Ore. You’ll have to collect 40x Iron Ores and 8x Coal Ores to craft 8x Iron Ingot which will be enough to craft 12x Tinkering Parts.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Broken Memory (Quest) – Walkthrough

After getting the resources, craft iron Ingots and then Tinkering Parts with the Iron Ingots. After that, you’ll need to repair the device by using the Crafting Station. Go to the Refined Material category and repair the device. After repairing the device, go to Wall-E and give him the device to conclude the quest.

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