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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Illumination – Quest Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Illumination – Quest Walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new major update has new characters from the Pixar universe and the Disney Universe and players will be able to complete their main questlines as they level up their Friendship level with the characters. The last quest of Woody in the game, for now, is “The Illumination” which you need to complete in order to complete his questline story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Illumination quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Quest

The Illumination is the last quest of Woody in the Dreamlight Valley which will unlock once you have leveled up your friendship up to level 10 with him. You will also need to complete the other requirements to unlock the quest which is the following.

  • You should have unlocked Ariel and Moana characters.
  • Make sure you have progressed further with Mother Gothel.

After completing all the requirements for the last quest, you will get to track the quest and take the quest from Woody.

Completing The Illumination – Quest

Talk to Woody to start the quest and he will tell you to Open the Toy Chest inside the Carousel. Go inside Woody’s house and open the chest on the left side. Interact with the chest to find a Memory. Talk to Woody to tell him about the memory you found and then he will tell you to gather the Childhood items from the following Characters.

  • Ariel
  • Moana
  • Kristoff

Look on the map to see where are the characters and then go to each character and ask them for their Childhood Items. Ariel will give you a Music Box, Moana will give you a Conch, and Kristoff will give you a Tiny Troll Figure. After getting the Childhood items, go back to Woody to give him the items and woody will tell you to craft the Blanket Fort. You will be going to need the following materials to craft the Blanket Fort.

  • 40x Softwood
  • 5x Cotton
  • 4x Fabric
  • 4x Rope
  • 5x Glass

Softwood can be found under the trees in almost all the biomes so try to look for them and gather them. Cotton can be found in the Sunlit Plateau biome. You will have to harvest it from the ground. Fabric can be crafted with cotton. Rope can be crafted with Fiber, and Glass is crafted with Sand. You will have to gather all the materials from different biomes and if you already have stored them in the chests, then go to the Crafting Station to craft the Blanket Fort.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Illumination – Quest Walkthrough

Go to the Furniture tab to find the Blanket Fort item and then select it to craft the Blanket Fort with the required materials. After that, you need to place the Blanket Fort in the valley and you can also put on some Playful clothes but it is an optional requirement. Open the Furniture tab and select the requests tab to select the Blanket Fort and then place it in a place you like. You will get to take a photo with Woody and Buzz in front of the Blanket Fort and then you need to meet Woody at Carousel.

Go to the Carousel and talk to Woody outside the Carousel, he will tell you to choose a magic phrase for the Carousel. Choose the one you like and then it will be placed on the Carousel and Woody will give you A Pull String, just like he has on his back. Talk to Woody again to conclude the quest.

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